11/11/2010 4:19PM

Churchill Downs: One winner in pick-4 that ends with race 7


Bettors love multi-race gimmicks because an upset or two of a favorite can result in a blow-up payoff.

Well, Thursday's pick four that ended on race 7 REALLY blew up.

Fattened by upset victories from Extreme Warrior at 22-1 in race 5, and Just Memories in race 6 at 9-1, the pick four officially returned $108,337.80 for a $2 wager.

That official payoff was misleading, however - given that the Pick Four pool was just $33,460.

Someone obviously hit a $0.50 pick-four that took down the whole pool, and out of habit (and perhaps because it looks better), the payoff was officially listed as if it were made for $2.

Still, Kudos to the winning player who had a $0.50 winning ticket of 5-10-5-9 - worth $27,084.40.