05/01/2010 11:25AM

Churchill: Changing the rules


With such huge gaps between races today, and the card spread from morning to evening, I’ve decided to try and make a difference in the world. How? By creating a new and more equitable Derby qualifying system.


This system first came into being on Tuesday morning after literally moments of thought while I was walking from the stables to the grandstand across the big old Churchill parking lot. Its been tweaked a couple times, and probably needs gutting more than tweaking, but here goes, anyway:


Breeders Cup Juvenile / Grade 1 races for 3yos: 13-10-7-4-2

Grade 1 races for 2yos / Grade 2 races for 3yos: 9-6-3-2-1

Grade 2 races for 2yos / Grade 3 races for 3yos: 6-4-2-1-.5

Grade 3 races for 2yos / $100K and higher races for 3yos: 3-2-1-.5-.25


Turf stakes at 2 earn no points. Turf stakes at 3 are worth half the value of main-track races.