06/10/2010 12:40PM



I must've missed something important because I just learned we are OFF THE TURF today (races 4, 7, 9) after an overnight rain evidently left the course too wet to use. In that process I gave an erroneous scratch in an earlier post, and that is that Bhangaloo Ruby (#7) is NOT SCRATCHED and remains IN the 4th race.

With that said, here are the Thurs changes not posted earlier:

Race 4 (off turf) - #7 Bhangaloo Ruby RUNS

Race 5 - SCR #1A Prize N Shine (p.o.e.)

Race 6 - SCR #5 Brittany Goes West

Race 7 (off turf)

Race 9 (off turf) - SCR #1 Sharp End