06/10/2010 9:50AM

CD: Thurs scratches, etc.


Lots going on here this weekend, what with the first of the 4 night racing programs tomorrow and the huge Stephen Foster card on Sat., replete with the return of the Derby Alumni trimmings. Unfortunately, the weatherman is saying not only is there a 50 percent chance for thundershowers for both days, but worse, it's going to be downright hot, steamy, muggy, and brutal . . . just hope the beverages are more accessible on Fri night than they were on the first 2 night-racing cards last year.

Meanwhile, we've got 9 to run here today, when the weather is starting to heat up after a few terrific days of moderate conditions. Fast track, firm turf, with just a handful of early changes. Good luck today.

Race 4 - SCR #7 Bangaloo Ruby (MTO)

Race 5 - SCR #2 Witty Kitty (p.o.e.)

Race 6 - SCR #2 Cover Photo; SCR #4 Nurse Donna

Race 7 - SCR #4 Mimi's Bling