05/23/2010 8:47AM

CD: Sun. changes


Supposed to hit 90 later today, so the weather is really turning the corner toward summer. A terrific effort here yesterday by Chi invader Free Fighter in posting a surprisingly dominant score in the G3 Lou Cap for F.Torres and C.Block, two of the nicer guys in the game.

Doesn't look like C.Borel will be back from that infected cut in his eye area . . . he's taken off one of his key mounts for today, El Crespo in the 8th, as well as one more.

Here are the changes for today, with a fast track and firm turf:

Race 1 - #2 Tribal Strike, blinkers on

Race 3 - M.Mena rides #2 Dublin Da'bet

Race 4 - SCR #2 God's Blessing

Race 5 - SCR #5 Infamous Spin, SCR #6 Bird Empire, SCR #12 Jambonied (M.T.O.)

Race 7 - SCR #4 Bella Ruby

Race 8 - J.Theriot rides #4 El Crespo

Race 9 - SCR #3 Buddha's Lyrics