06/12/2010 4:09PM

CD: pick 6 carryover looms for Sunday??


Although Rachel won the first leg, the Fleur de Lis (race 6), as the proverbial Free Space, the pick 6 has proven pretty tough today, especially with Caminadora having just won the 4th leg, the Regret (race 9), as a 32-1 bomber for C.Nakatani and T.Pletcher. Earlier, Gleam of Hope won the 2nd leg, the Jeff Cup (race 7) as a 9-1 outsider. Calizeo won the 3rd leg, the No. Dancer (race 8), as the 8-5 fave.

We still have the Foster (race 10) and a 6-horse field in the last race to go, but it sure seems like the p6, which started with a $57k carryover into today, will carry over into tomorrow. Will update before we leave out of here today.