08/27/2007 3:08PM

The Caveman Lives Dies


Since you were all kind enough to root me home on Saturday, let's try it again.

I haven't been very smart so far, having preferred the runner-up to the winner in the first two legs, so all my sub and backup tickets are dead. But since the first two looked so much like two-horse races I played a little differently today and made a bigger caveman ticket than usual, putting all my A's and B's on one ticket for $648, then another $432 into backups that are dust. So I'm alive 3x3x3x3 the rest of the way:


Here was the play:

Race 5: A:9 B:2 C:3,6,10
Race 6: A:5 B:6 C:1,8
Race 7: A:3-4 B:6 C: 1-7-8-10
Race 8: A:4-6 B:3
Race 9: A:5-6 B:1 C:3-7
Race 10: A:4-8-10 C: 3-5-9

Unless I can get Top Royelle or Cherokee Jewel or Classic Fran to win, if I make it home it's going to be with all first or second choices. But it beats being extinct. Ask any caveman.

[Update: Grrrr. Top Royelle looked for a few strides like a 12-1 winner but couldn't catch Message of a Myth and settled for second, beaten a length. I know, I know, the latter had been running against open $35k turf sprinters at Monmouth and was facing N2L ones here, but she'd been getting caught going shorter and it looked like there was plenty of speed here. But Message of a Myth won a three-way duel fair and square and was clearly best while Top Royelle enjoyed a perfect trip and wasn't good enough. Now the only decision is whether to root for three stinkin' consos or for a crazy winner or two for a double-carry into Wednesday.]

John Fasola More than 1 year ago
I, too, missed Karelian with my 2,9/5,6/1,3,4,7,10/believe it or not 1,2,3,4/1,5,7/3 which is a 2x2x5x4x3x1 = $480 for a four conso OK winner but to have a single that wins at close to $20 and get beat by a $7 is just plain stupid as I am getting tired of the 5 out of 6 saga as that makes 6 times this meet alone . . .
Green Mtn Punter More than 1 year ago
Are you saying that the Pick 6 reminds you of what GEICO says about buying auto insurance on line: "So easy, a caveman can do it."? Your Exotic Betting primer seems to recommend the Pick 4 for lesser cavemen?
Chris Garrity More than 1 year ago
Steve, I love living vicariously through your Pick 6 stories, but I have a question: the SoCal Pick 6s, with their bigger pools, almost always seem to pay better than the NY Pick 6s, when you have similar winning prices. Do you restrict your serious Pick 6 play to NY, or do you attack SoCal too? (I can't see how anyone can play Del Mar right now, but that's a separate issue).
Paul Halloran More than 1 year ago
Steve Spent Friday and Saturday of Travers Weekend at Saratoga (Congrats on your Pick 6) and am heading back for a day trip Thursday with some fellow degenerates from Boston. How can NYRA in good conscience card a Steeplechase race in the late Pick 4? Even if it only happens once a year that's once too often. Looks like we'll be beating the traffic and leaving after the 7th.
wayne More than 1 year ago
Had $36 left in my account from "nailing" Saturday's guaranteed P4 for a buck. Lobbed in a $36 P6 ticket, picking my horses from the NY Post on the train in the morning. 2/56/13/5/15/89. Singled Karelian, why I am not sure, glad I did not see the figs. Watching the replay later, missed on the Message of Myth because I never heard of the trainer, then just missed 5 of 6 when Bush's Banrock got a rare qeustionable ride from Corny V, with Dominguez stealing it on the front. Odd thing with Bush, he usually scores with a few 2yo's up here, but it is his veteran horses winning this time. He is doing a great job and they are obviously ready, but he is certainly helped by the proliferation of NY Bred races this year. He was in the top ten last year too, very consistant for what up until now was a low profile barn.
Michael More than 1 year ago
Steve, The blog has been nothing short of fantastic this year and I hope you enjoyed your stay up here. Its sometimes very therapeutic to read that someone took the same beats as you. We also needed Top Royelle on the "caveman" ticket that we played. We also failed to have the winner of the race while having the other 5 winners. I had to listen to a few people ask me "how could you not have that winner of that race when you went 4 deep(we used 1,3,4,6)?" a few times last night and wanted to scream. I excluded the 10 because she had been quitting and thought that even though Kimmel's horse was cutting back in distance that she would apply enough pace pressure to the 10 to at least get her to stop. These turf sprints are as brutal as anything ever tossed at handicapppers that I have ever seen.
Tony More than 1 year ago
Well as the meet comes into its last week there is one thing for sure Steve's blog has been an overwhelming success. it has also proved to me that the east horse player is the most educated player in the world . It's been great fun and very educating to all . Steve please at least consider doing it into the breeders cup . Where we can all do with some questions and answers for the biggest day of racing . The other question about So Cal pick 6's I agree with Steve its near impossible to hit those and now with poly "forget it" As far as I'm concerned they jumped on this poly track thing way to soon . Couldn't they have at least tried it at one track and see the results before they ruined Del mar and Santa anita ? What a shame . The spa meet ends and its back making a living a musician . Which might be harder then the horses .Ha
Dave More than 1 year ago
Steve-have you ever considered moving to Canada where lottery and gaming winnings are not taxed? While we do have a higher personal income tax rate here, that money is put to good use i.e.healthcare and education. I'm sure your loyal and dedicated DRF followers up here(which surely number in the tens of thousands) would recommend to the government that you be allowed to settle here for "humanitarian" reasons. Take care.
steven_crist More than 1 year ago
Chris: I salivate over So Cal's P6 pools but I don't follow the racing there closely enough to feel confident making the borderline decisions crucial to P6 success. I have bet one So Cal P6 in the last 10 years -- the July 2 one at Hollywood simpy because the pool was SO massive that if it turned out easy enough for me to hit, it was going to pay 5x what it should. GM Punter: The "caveman" reference is to what i call a "caveman" ticket: playing just one p6 ticket with all your selections instead of making multiple tickets with mains and backups or a's b's and c's. Michael: It's a real test of one's Zen serenity to hear the "How could you not have used the winner" question from people who don't play the pick six or understand the difficult choices one has to make to craft an affordable ticket. Try not to scream.
Tony More than 1 year ago
as per Karelian .All you had to do was look at those 5 F workouts !! talk about splitting 12's he ran very 4 1:00 5f in a row . It looked to me like he was ready . I was all over him . I had a great day with him the monmouth shipper Ramon was on and the last race tri which paid huge . Tom bush does it again . A state bred against open and the horse comes 2nd to complete a $1000 tri . When he send s them they are ready .....