08/27/2007 3:08PM

The Caveman Lives Dies


Since you were all kind enough to root me home on Saturday, let's try it again.

I haven't been very smart so far, having preferred the runner-up to the winner in the first two legs, so all my sub and backup tickets are dead. But since the first two looked so much like two-horse races I played a little differently today and made a bigger caveman ticket than usual, putting all my A's and B's on one ticket for $648, then another $432 into backups that are dust. So I'm alive 3x3x3x3 the rest of the way:


Here was the play:

Race 5: A:9 B:2 C:3,6,10
Race 6: A:5 B:6 C:1,8
Race 7: A:3-4 B:6 C: 1-7-8-10
Race 8: A:4-6 B:3
Race 9: A:5-6 B:1 C:3-7
Race 10: A:4-8-10 C: 3-5-9

Unless I can get Top Royelle or Cherokee Jewel or Classic Fran to win, if I make it home it's going to be with all first or second choices. But it beats being extinct. Ask any caveman.

[Update: Grrrr. Top Royelle looked for a few strides like a 12-1 winner but couldn't catch Message of a Myth and settled for second, beaten a length. I know, I know, the latter had been running against open $35k turf sprinters at Monmouth and was facing N2L ones here, but she'd been getting caught going shorter and it looked like there was plenty of speed here. But Message of a Myth won a three-way duel fair and square and was clearly best while Top Royelle enjoyed a perfect trip and wasn't good enough. Now the only decision is whether to root for three stinkin' consos or for a crazy winner or two for a double-carry into Wednesday.]