12/07/2010 2:00PM

Catching my breath


Hey, Guys.  I'm going to take the remainder of the week to catch my breath and take a little break. 

I finally received a VPN for my mobile device so I can now update the comments from anywhere.   

I e-mailed Al P. about his win in last week's HandiGambling, and asked him to select a race for next week. 

Keep on sending in your insightful comments!

Will be back next week with tons of questions, comments, and past performance requests to address.



blackseabass More than 1 year ago
C, What makes you think Hollywood or GG will return to dirt ? They were synthetic before the mandate for synthetic. They,ve never had date loss problems like SA. GG doesn't get messed up when it rains and at Hollywood it never rains not even at the short winter meet really. The new SA on the other hand could be run over a lot of sealed sloppy ,good or muddy tracks . Contrary to the popular idea that it never rains in Southern California. It actually never rains in SC except during January or Feb and sometimes March. Its not unheard of for it to rain 30 straight days at that time of year. Its happened several times in my lifetime. Probably 90% or even more maybe of SA's yearly rainfall is going to come in the next couple of months. No study on that one its just a guestimate based on living 20 minutes from SA for 45 years. When it does rain Arcadia is an area that it rains hard (up against the mountains) Water up to your doorwells is not impossible in the SA parking lot. LOL.
Curt V. More than 1 year ago
Hey Fish Man:BSB, You are indeed one of the best double talking side-winders available..........Z has a slew of "F"'s w/ the circle around them...What are they for Einstein.....? your imagination ? I don't see no "F"'s for Blame........Anybody w/a brain knows what an "R" stands for......& I don't see no "O"'s for Open Company either.........Get a grip on it man.......She ran in races RESTRICTED to FEMALES.........an Big FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. You are making absolutely no sense.....Unless of course, you think everybody is a moron.........did your degree come in Semantics ? Get a grip, man............Stop insulting people..........Your also-ran HOY runner ran in 2 Open Company races.....Call them anything you want.......As far as I'm concerned she ran in 18 RESTRICTED races to FEMALES............
blackseabass More than 1 year ago
OKAY . THATS IT I've had enough . LOL. Does that sound familiar. I'm tired of people(not clowns) saying Z only ran in restricted races . Am I the only one on this blog that knows what a restricted stake IS ? Restricted stakes have a little R in a box before the name of the stake and maximum restrictions that disqualify the horses to be entered in such a race if they exceed them . If you look at Z's form you will see none of those little R's in there. There is no such thing as a restricted GR.I. SO STOP SAYING THAT. LSD ,can you post Blames PP's please . I want to see if that son of a gun ever competed in a Restricted stakes. Nevermind I'll dig out the BC form from wherever it is that I've got it stashed . You deserve a little more room to roam especially since you spent your respite doing what Annie said. I think I've caught up on this thread so I'll move along to the next and hopefully will not pester you as much . LOL . I want to go back to what Mike A was saying about the proper mindset of a winner. Being an old coach of teams that were always winners even when they weren't necessarily the most talented team . I think I have a grasp on winning and the attitude that it takes to do it consistently. Racing or Tiddly Winks the winning mindset is equally important in both. Thanks .
blackseabass More than 1 year ago
Annie , LOL . kid. Wieghing in on St Trinians kind of. ST. T beat Life is Sweet. Life is Sweet finished ahead of 10 males in the HGC ,a race that Blame was able to enter if his connections wanted to since he is so good on synthetics . BTW , I meant to respond to something a couple weeks back but didn't get around to it. It was a comment by tencent that said something to the effect that turf horses were terrible or horrible in California this year. Now I'm not trying to be mean Tencent ,but why would I take that comment seriously when I heard the exact same thing with Ca.3yr old colts inserted in the sentence earlier this year from you. Right before all the Ca. based 3yr olds started taking all the money in the out of state derby preps and many of the various State Derby's . Did you make a comment on Ca. based 3yr old fillies being horrible too Tencent ? I'm not sure but I think its possible that you did. I do think I remember something about The Usual Q.T. not going to run a lick in the Woodbine mile race because he wasn't very good. I think I'll decide for myself if I think the horses in this or that division are horrible in the various states. No offense meant , just a late reply that was needed to put the turf horse comment in focus. Thanks for keeping score. I was 3 for 3 on Blame. How did you end up doing with him ? You didn't have Z missing the board like Beyer did you ?
blackseabass More than 1 year ago
MikeA , thanks . Blackstone, Smarty is my sister. We live together. Kind of an Odd Couple. She's calm ,neat ,can cook has been in the top 10 on PH at various times and acts like an adult . I'm excitable,a little messy, something of a big kid at heart , have never cracked the top twenty on PH at anytime and would survive on Jumbo Jacks and donuts if not for her. LOL. You're right my kids are not goats, but they aren't children anymore either . My male adult offspring had that one would be most accurate I guess. Patrick , nice list.
blackseabass More than 1 year ago
Blackstone , I'm going to give a good guess as to why foggy bottom ran in that stakes. 1 some states pay down to 6th with reimbursments to other also rans. In a state that pays to 5th a 5th place check in a stake (much better than a 5th place mdn claimers check) was only a breakdown or a LIFE AT TEN away from Foggy Bottom's grasp. If there was a three horse spill like the last HG Foggy Bottom would have been far back of the spill and been able to tip toe in for the Foggy Bottom of the tri. The decision to race in the stake was strictly buisness. There has been a trainer down here for years named Pico Perdermo. He's always getting 5th in a 5 horse stake or allowance with a horse that can't get out of his own way. If you're at the track Pico Perdermo is always being paged. I've imagined that its the racing secretary trying to get him to pull out one of his dogs to run 5th and make a race go for him. He wins a race about once every 5 years but he's been around forever. I've thought about getting a string of $500 claimers from wyoming and using pico's business model. You don't really have to train them just feed and water them. Its not like you're asking them to run fast. They just have to make it around the track without stopping. Hell there probably isn't a rule about stopping as long as the jock doesn't get off so if they want they can probably stop for awhile and get their second wind before they finish. I'm LOL ,but I'm serious. If you put up 75% of the dough to buy the $500 claimers I'll feed and water them and muck their stalls. I used to do that in my late teens. We'll get some real docile ones so we don't have to worry about me getting my brains kicked out. We can find some 5 horse races to get them in at GG. We'll go splitsy . We'll only ride jocks that need a mount fee. Guys that only get a ride here and there,ones that need the dough. No Lasix or bute shots. The horses don't need the good stuff to walk around there. No guiness either !! They can drink Keystone or Old Milwaukee, like it or lump it !! LOL. No work outs either just run'em once a week or every two weeks. With the energy that Foggy Bottom conserves he should be able to go postward 52 times a year no problemo. LOL. How much do you think we can get him for as a private purchase ? LOL. In regards to the HOY contest you correctly predicted who I think is best. For contest purposes I will say Blame 129 > Zenyatta 100 > Goldikova 2 > Quality Road 1 > Foggy Bottom 1 My reasoning is that Zenyatta will get the same 99 guys she got last year and Blame will get 129 of RA 's 130. The one vote difference will be because LSD having voted once for Z and once against her, will decide to give his 3rd vote to Olivia Catherine Duckworth thereby earning him instant and lifetime favorite Uncle status with her.( simultaneously saving his Dad's shins some punishment) Thats another way How To Clean Up At The Track, Uncle Dan . I know who's she's voting for. Smart Kid. Letting her decide will do no harm as the one vote will not change the outcome. I think OCD sees the situation a helluva lot more rationally than Beyer. She's got Zenyatta on the Brain which is as it should be. People have come to this little blog from Pakistan, Indonesia, Austria , and so forth. They all had Zenyatta on the Brain.The brain is a wonderful contraption. Even the youngest or most neophyte brain recognizes something special when it sees it. Unless it is an abnormal brain. Probably better than an old beat up and idealogically tainted brain , paraphrasing Jeffrey. The power of the brain is widely considered to decline after age 15 by the people that think about brains. You have to exercise it more if you want to slow the decline ,but decline it will. It becomes harder to learn new things the older you get just like it gets harder to win for horses with higher odds in graduated progression. Thats where the Old Dogs cliche' comes from. Some people are to old and tainted to appreciate the new tricks that Z was doing and there were a lot of new tricks. Most consecutive wins . Most Gr.1s . Most cosecutive Graded stakes wins. Only mare to win the BC Classic . Only BC Classic winner to win the BC Ladies Classic (distaff) Only horse ever to routinely run the last 1/16th under 6 on the main track. blah ,blah ,blah . Some were to old at 20, some 30,40,50,60. The very young don't need to know any of that stuff to recogniZe the greatness of Z. If they brought Blame and Z out on a track with a hundred other horses in the morning without names on the blankets etc. and without the trainers nearby. Hypothetically putting all the formbloggers in the grandstand. I'd wager that nearly every formblogger would be able to pick Z out of the crowd and not more than 10 would be able to do the same with Blame. I doubt C, 10cent, or maybe even LSD or Laura could do it. Blame mixes right in. Z stands out like the Washington monument or the Statue of Liberty she's clearly of unusual or even unique quality. Greetings Jeffrey , I'm sorry to hear about your ailments. Get well soon . Keep up the great posts when you feel you can. I like your ability to approach things from different viewpoints. TBTA , I've voted for Angeline for Governor of Ca. She was the only one I wasn't pretty sure was a crook and symbolically she was perfect for the Golden State. If you don't know of her you could probably google her. Smarty Jones isn't much for blogging but she said to tell you she doesn't like that guy either. She's got a sleeze meter that goes off like crazy every time she sees that guy on TV. In my experience she's a pretty good people handicapper. I don't like the guy either, for all his political stances as well as his greasy persona. Ok back to catching up with the blogs I missed the last few days. LSD I'm not going to hit you up for a couple weeks because I want to let you settle back with less stress but I'm probably going to ask you to do a Who did Blame Beat like you did for RA and Z . It presented a stark contrast between RA and Z . Maybe it will do the same with Z and Blame ?
blackstone More than 1 year ago
Curt Not trying to be a jerk here-really-are you voting for Blame? I know not Z, but we've already had one vote for Goldikova. So who is it? Or is is none? Anything is fine by me.
blackstone More than 1 year ago
HOY Poll and Prize Thank you to all for responding so far. If you want to participate for the prize there is no need to re-post your HOY vote-I have them all recorded up through the (currently) last post on this thread. I'm sorry for not thinking of this before it started-for the prize, if you have already posted your HOY vote, just post who you expect to win and the total votes you think "it" will get. Two other quick things: I don't care how many times you change your mind-daily if you want. All ok by me. Secondly, I won't participate in the "Prize Pool" for obvious reasons.
Annie More than 1 year ago
Blackstone, Why do so many people think that I am running the Zenyatta/Blame contest? Geez, I can't run them all. LOL Since I didn't know how many total votes there are for HOY, hopefully my contest entry of how many votes she would win by is sufficient. Yes? Annie
Dan R. More than 1 year ago
Blackstone says: "I also think that the HOY is more than the cold statistics… But in the end, I basically believe she would have beaten all comers on all tracks had her connections had the yangs to try the more aggressive campaign. I will give her the benefit of the doubt on that issue, although having no way to prove it, obviously." You’re right; HOY is based on more than cold statistics, however, they don’t give out the award based on what we think Zenyatta could have done if she had been challenged more. Second, in 2010 there is proof of your claim; she did not beat all comers on all tracks. In fact she lost to her closest competitor for the award. Personally, I don’t believe Blame or Zenyatta was the most outstanding horse of 2010. In my opinion, that honor belongs to Goldikova. But since the Eclipse is an American based award I can’t discount the loss to Blame as easily as others seem to be able to. And I believe as you said, Zenyatta’s “light campaign” has to be taken into account. If she loses, the connections will have to live with that.
Annie More than 1 year ago
HOY Debate: First of all, I think it can not be stressed strongly enough that those of us who would like to see Zenyatta be made HOY, are absolutely NOT "Blame-haters". Far from it. But, when forced to choose, our own personal preferences and feelings about a horse will come into play just as it will for the people that actually can vote for HOY. And there is nothing wrong with this. After researching abit, I discovered that are no established criteria for choosing HOY, other than the horse must have run in North America and won a GR 1. From what I have read, there is the general consensus that absolute, stringent rules for choosing HOY would conflict with voters being able to vote according to how they "feel" about a horse. How, to them, a horse compares to other good or great horses they have seen, for instance. So it is, in essence, an objective decision. Without this, it probably wouldn't even be necessary to have voters. Aha! "Feelings" about a horse. Perfectly acceptable and certainly a part of the selection of every past HOY. So, BLACKSTONE, I will repeat my vote for Zenyatta for your contest. I predict it will be very close, but I predict she will win by 5 votes. Annie
Pippen0707 More than 1 year ago
HOY debate.... IMO, Zenyatta is a great horse (we probably wont see another like her for a very long time). She did whatever the connections (Moss's & Sherriff's) put in front of her. I will only blame them (connections) for their managing of her, especially 2010 season if she does indeed lose the HOY award. After the 2009 season and the bitter loss of HOY, that seemed to inspire the connections to take her out of retirement and run in 2010. Now they even stated they will run more out of state races in 2010. They did run 2 times out of state, imo, thats not enough. She deserved to be running in the best races of the year (male or female) and on dirt since the BC would be run at CD. They only went to OP and then raced against week restricted fields all season until the BC at CD. Last season 2009 they used the NYRA security barns as an excuse not to race at NYRA tracks. (they know the horse best so i gave them the benefit of the doubt). But now 2010 NYRA changed policy before Saratoga and did away with the security barns and once agian they decided not to ship east to race at NYRA. But rather stay home and not even run agianst open company at home. If i had a vote it would be for Blame on his merits of this season. He beat the best G1 males on dirt at different tracks, while Zen was running against weaker fields on syth tracks. So to all the BLAME haters and Loyal ZEN fans it is the CONNECTIONS fault if Zenyatta loses HOY. Not Blames for beating her.