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Carry Back


The Doctor is Out (probably gallivanting with that Amelia Pond) so we'll simply borrow his TARDIS for a little trip back to 1962 as Carry Back attempted to duplicate his Kentucky Derby victory from the previous season in the Arc de Triomphe.

Let's learn more about Carry Back from the words of the legendary Charles Hatton in his "Profile of Best Horses" column from the 1963 American Racing Manual.

"Carry Back is perhaps the most popular thoroughbred to have appeared since the time of Native Dancer.  Both these TV matinee idols won converts to the sport.  It is quite useless to argue whether they were actually formidable performers of their different years, as some fans of analytical bent are prone to do.  If Carry Back did not win Horse of the Year laurels, he won his way into the hearts of the general public.  His importance to the sport and the contribution he made to it far transcended individual merit, which is after all only relative."

"Carry Back, like Exterminator of yore, had color, character, personal dignity and honor.  There was an aura of drama about everything he did.  In the first place, he was one of the proletariat, with an across-the-tracks pedigree.  Then again he was owned by a "small owner" and breeder, more or less novitiate.  But Jack Price enjoyed owning and racing Carry Back quite as much as the fans enjoyed the thrill of his whirlwind finishes.  Moreover, Price had a flair for showmanship.
Catering to the wishes of the colt's public, Price interrupted Carry Back's campaign at Saratoga to fly him to Cleveland, so that the fans there might see him.  Again, he pulled "CB" out of his stall in midday to show him to New York fans at Belmont Park's pre-season open house, when other stars were to make personal appearances but disappointed the crowd.  Then there was the adventure, or misadventure, of his expedition to France and the Arc de Triomphe.
The romance of Carry Back is the stuff of which legends are made.  He did more to merchandise racing to the general public than any other single factor in 1961 and '62. 
In late October, before "CB" departed the racing stage to enter the stud in Florida, Dr. Gilman made a comprehensive study of his physique.  The evidence of the standard and tape are presented below:

Height:  16 hands plus
Girth:  72 inches
Point of shoulder to point to shoulder:  16 inches
Withers to point of shoulder:  28 inches
Elbow to ground:  37 1/2 inches
Point of shoulder to point of hip:  47 inches
Point of hip to point of hip:  24 inches
Point of hip to point of hock:  41 inches
Point of hip to buttock:  25 inches
Poll to withers:  47 inches
Point of shoulder to buttock:  67 inches
Buttock to ground:  56 inches
Circumference of cannon below knee:  9 1/2 inches
Weight:  970 pounds

In general, Carry Back's conformation is constant with his middle-distance proclivities.  His is the physique of the mile and a quarter horse, par excellence, and of course the majority of America's richest races are at that distance.  Owner-breeder Price himself questions Carry Back is quite capable at a mile and a half.  Ten furlongs long has been considered the "classic distance" in this country, though there now is a tendency toward conforming to the 12 furlongs standard in the rest of the racing world."

"Carry Back comes of a male line distinguished in our middle distances, that descending from the miler Domino, who sired only 20 foals but rewrote the Stud Book.  The first top class horse in tail male in Carry Back's pedigree is the sport's wonderful "Chocolate Soldier," Equipoise, who ran all distances but whose special metier was a mile and a quarter. 
Carry Back's dam Joppy is by the Blenheim II. horse Star Bien and this is the Blandford tribe, one which normally produces horses in the same general mould as Equipoise.  Blenheim II. himself was of medium size and balanced like a teeter-totter.  Thus Carry Back could not very well be other than he is, physically, without some remarkable quirk of atavism.
Carry Back is well bred in the sense his sire and dam were of much the same type."

"What is supposed to be compensatory breeding, with the little horses bred to the big mares and vice versa, has rarely produced the desired results, indeed has resulted in more malformed individuals than IBM can count.  It is probably fortuitous that Joppy and Saggy were "of a sort" physically, for it seems unlikely Price was perusuaded by considerations of conformation when he booked the mare.  But it is deplorable that so many breeders are too preoccupied with bloodlines to give this question the importance it warrants.
'Breed for individuals,' the late J. E. Madded used to say.
Carry Back is a clever horse, just as his highly synchronized and coordinated format implies.  We have seen him knocked off stride 70 yards from the finish, recover in the next stride and get up to win, as in the Florida Derby.  His handiness again stood him in good character to break head and head with the flashy Beau Purple and race him off his feet in a speed duel in the mud while carrying 133 pounds.  In the Arc de Triomphe, Carry Back made his move down the hill, which no one does.
Carry Back's action is collected, so that he is always 'in cadence' as the French say, and can act in any going.  Also he is sound as a stick, precisely as his long and arduous campaigning would indicate.  And he has unshakeable self-confidence.  Rather than being timid in the paddock or in mortal conflict, he is almost arrogant.  At the same time children play with him over the bar of his stall with impunity.
Carry Back does not wear blinkers and sometimes goes to the post with a pony but these make him studdish and in France he got along very well without any escort.
The Price champion was just a medium sized brown colt with no marks at three and looked downright insignificant alongside such robust specimens as Globemaster and Four-and-Twenty.  At four he had grown from 15.3 to a touch above 16 hands and had furnished out and let down until he was a very attractive animal.  It was quite a metamorphosis.  His neck developed a crest.  His head assumed a masculine and almost refined aspect, his quarters burgeoned with muscularity, particularly about the low dropped stifles and his forearms and gaskins were strong and smooth.
Few mares possessed better shoulders and withers than did Joppy, whose top line was a symphony.  The same is true of her son Carry Back.  His cannons are short and his pasterns have elasticity, while his hoofs are black.
Those familiar with his steady physical development are sanguine that he will develop into a smashing stallion, "looking the part" of a thoroughbred of his high station."

"Carry Back's pedigree offends the disciples of the fashion only in the first two crosses.  Thereafter one encounters the names of Equipoise, Hyperion, Blenheim II., Teddy and Sir Gallahad III.  C. V. Whitney incidentally has said he never thought to see the day a descendant of Equipoise would be considered somehow plebian in origins.
On the distaff side of his pedigree, Carry Back goes back to the imported mare Whizz Bang by Sunstar.  Then we come to Florida, the half sister to the mighty Hindoo, who distinguished himself as the dam of that great racemare Firenze. 
This family is a remnant of racing's romantic past that has been rather obscure in late years, but it did produce the Kentucky Derby hero Paul Jones and the excellent mud horse Maedic, one of the best two-year-olds of his time.  Truly, as Baron Fred d'Osten-Sacken has obsverved:
'It is wonderful how nature preserves the fine old strains of the thoroughbred, to bring them out again in times of need.'"


Here is an article from Sports Illustrated on Carry Back's Arc run in 1962:



Here are Carry Back's lifetime past performances:

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Here is Carry Back's page from the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame:


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Steve T., You know that comment did not come from the harty barn. Colonel John is the best horse he's trained, I know Eoin and I'd be shocked to hear him say such a thing. He just doesn;t talk like that. I will ask him when I see him at saratoga this year if he had made that comment to you. I think i already know his answer. Did you read that in print or is it something that Eoin said directly to you? Thanks for the info on Hard Way Ten. So where did u read/hear that quote directly from the Harty barn? Looking forward to your response.
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We'll start up more conversations when Dan makes his next blog post. I've traditionally dominated the Preakness, done well on the Belmont and worst on the Derby (but have good record tracking ten years of betting on that, still). The Preakness is going down. Now I need to find some correspondents to tell me how the boys are training up to May 15 for the stakes undercard; I've noticed that a sharp eye on the backstretch can be as crucial as anything on paper. We're going to hit the pick 4, exacta, tri and super. Stay tuned, Chicago Gerry.
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KYL Syndicate "Wagers for Saturday May 8" Listed Plays from April 30 to Current: Top Selection: 8 for 22 | 39.30 : 44.00 ROI (.11) Wagers: Invested 4674 | Return 3738.90 | (935.10) Belmont Park Race 1: SHOTGUN BANDIT No excuse when losing by a neck last out as Coa rated nicely in the early stages, was sent as they approached the far turn three wide and instead of accelerating was pretty much one pace until the last few strides when he finally started to change leads. Speed duel expected between the 8 and 9, with pace pressure being applied slightly off the pace from the 2 and 10. This sets the race up for a stalker that can navigate the distance, both an asset for SHOTGUN BANDIT. Wager Amount 250: 50 Win 6 ; 20 Exacta 6/1-3-10 ; 10 Exacta 1-3-10/6 ; 5 Triple 6/1-3-10 ; 5 Super 6/1-3-10 ; 25 Double 6/4 ; 25 Pick 3 6/4/5 Belmont Park Race 2: LILLY OF PARADISE Has run well in three starts after coming off a five month layoff and with some cheap speed going this one turn mile, a fast pace is insured and sets it up perfectly for LILLY OF PARADISE to sweep by them on the turn. Two back, stutter step from the gate and then gradually placed herself right off the heels of the front runner at the top of the stretch, but got blocked and lost valuable momentum. Alert start, fast pace, all works in her favor. Wager Amount 270: 50 Win 4 (void win wager if 6 wins first race); 20 Exacta 4/1-5-7 ; 5 Triple 4/1-5-7 ; 5 Super 4/1-5-7 ; 5 Pick 4 4/5/4-6/3-9-10-11 ; 20 Pick 3 4/5/4-6 Belmont Park Race 3: LLOYDOBLER Unless one of the first time starters shows speed which I am doubtful of as the entry's sire is A P Indy meaning better stalking and the 2 draws the dreaded rail, Prado and LLOYDOBLER should find themselves on a easy early lead. This allows for a distinct advantage and in his last two starts when confronted in the stretch, LLOYDOBLER did not simply fold and kept on trying. Easy lead today and wire to wire is a strong possibility. Wager Amount 240: 25 Triple 5/ALL/4 ; 100 Exacta 5-4 ; 5 Pick 3 5/4-6/3-9-10-11 (void wager if 4 wins race 2) Hollywood Park Race 5: TRES BORRACHOS Classy Rail Trip makes his five year old debut off a nine month layoff and this is the perfect opportunity to try and beat the favorite with TRES BORRACHOS. TRES BORRACHOS is the speed of the race and will be allowed to coast on the lead early and if Rail Trip decides to settle off the pace, Espinoza can steal away to easy half and dare the field to catch him as he extends his lead on the turn. Wager Amount 170: 50 Win 5 ; 20 Exacta 5/1-3-6 ; 5 Triple 5/1-3-6 ; 5 Super 5/1-3-6
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Selections for Saturday: Churchill Downs Race 11 Firty Girty Is a HTW runner- race came up tough though. Thanks,
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I think I'm going to box Drosselmeyer and Soaring Empire in the Dwyer today. It just seems to me that they have done a bit more than the others in there. Apparently Soaring Empire had an excuse in his last and Drossy may be able to handle this group. We shall see. :) Good luck to all the MKB horses in the race! Annie
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Well, I guess HAIRY'S Western Flyer is not cut out for the Turf. However, you had to have a goofy name to get in that trifecta. :) Better luck next time! Annie
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Eskendereya retired - he has to be right up there with Vindication and Event of the Year among horses I firmly believed in as legit TC candidates but never even got a shot due to injury. Haven't posted much lately but I read with interest Tinky's posts about the shaving before the Wood being a "dead giveaway" of some sort of issue. Well said about BWE, Caseyjeaux. I strongly second that. Dan, I'm going through Dr. Who withdrawal due to the ridiculous refusal of Cablevision to carry BBC America. I guess it gives me an excuse to rent some DVDs and have a marathon though. If I had some race mares, I'd name them after Dr. Who companions. Gotta love that Martha Jones. Laura, how does BoDog work? I heard some of their radio ads leading up to the Derby. Do you get tote odds or do they have futures and stuff? I've always thought that they were one of those quasi-legal offshore sites. I'm sure you probably get good rebates. Have a few plays for Belmont today, but I'll wait for the scratches to come out, as they get only one more free weekend before the Monmouth onslaught. Very psyched about Monmouth meet, although in the fall it will be a bit sad to have no Meadowlands. Overall I think NJ is right to make a bold move and I think they'll be very successful.
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Caseyjeaux, Oh now you made me cry. Annie
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BREAK WATER EDISON. Go play in that big blue grass pasture in the sky my little MKB guy. You gave us all you had. Caseyjeaux