10/21/2010 1:29PM

Calder: When is a foul not a foul?


The answer is when it does not affect the outcome of the race. At least at Calder Racecourse and Casino. One can understand the stewards inclination not to penalize the bettors but when a rider strikes another horse the nose with his stick in the crucial closing stages of a race, that seems like automatic grounds for disqualification. Such was the case in the fourth race when Kitty's Thunder lugged in while dueling even money favorite Silverest in late stretch at this point jockey Jeffrey Sanchez inadvertantly struck Silverest once over the nose when switching sticks from his right to left hand. Despite the obvious infraction, the stewards allowed the result to stand as is.

    The fourth was one of the two races originally carded for the turf moved to the main track on Thursday's card.

The main track is fast and appears to favor horses stalking or rallying outside from off the pace.