08/12/2010 3:17PM

CALDER: When is a foul not a foul?


Apparently when it does not effect the outcome of the race.  That has been the dilemma facing stewards what seems like more and more lately and it happened again in the fifth race when He's Alright lugged directly into the path of the tiring Kings Cove before edging away to victory over Flyin Trey. Following an inquiry and claim of foul, the result remained as is.  No doubt jockey Luis Saez, who has been guilty of similar infractions on a regular basis of late, lost control of his mount and impeded Kings Cove although it was clear the latter was going in reverse at the time.  The question is whether to protect the bettors at the expense of the safety of the riders involved.  At least if the stewards step up and give Saez days, a lesson may be learned from the incident.

As expected. first time starter My Valentino has opened at 6-5 in the sixth race. The son of Pomeroy has been working well but this is no easy spot with Megalith, Shankopotamus, Uno Caliente and Swift Warrior all viable win candidates.