06/04/2010 3:58PM

CALDER: That was close!


Hard to believe from the naked eye that Star Player held on to beat Concorde's Fury in a featured ninth race that scratched down to just six starters when moved to the main track. The winner was hard  used on the lead before putting away Paster's Bad Habit but appeared to have been overtaken by the fast closing, rail skimming Concorde's Fury only to come out slightly best to the camera's eye.

 As expected, first time starter STrong Star opened a heavy favorite in the finale which scratched down to only only five starters from an original field of nine. Wondering how the stewards can allow so many of these to come out in a main track race on a day already ruined when four earlier races were switched from the turf to the dirt.  Annual and Dixie Slam were no brainers to be scratched as both are back in Sunday but and I guess seeing a Marty Wolfson horse come out late should be no surprise as he scratches as many as he runs around these parts.