09/12/2010 1:41PM

Calder: Unlikely winner disqualified


A claim of foul, a very late inquiry and finally the disqualification of 23-1 Hal who upset all the good things in the fourth race only to be taken down and placed third for lugging in and bumping third place finisher Threehifives who in turn bounced off runner-up City Sage in the shadow of the wire. Although the incident probably didn't effect the final outcome since it happened so close to the wire, and that seems to be the criteria for all judgments here this season, a foul definitely occured although backers of Hal might argue it did not take place until the race was over. At any race, City Sage, second choice at 4-1, was made the winner with the 45-1 Threehifives elevated to second.  No excuse for 3-5(ridiculously overbet by the way) My Valentino who stalked a contentious pace and hung badly at the end.  Z Breeze had the best speed but never changed leads down the stretch and got leg weary in the final 70 yards.