05/15/2010 4:20PM

CALDER: Odds on Paizano breaks down on lead


Paizano, the 1-9 favorite in the featured 10th race, appeared to be cruising to an easy victory when he suddenly took a mis-step and broke down while about five lengths in front approaching the stretch. Fortunately jockey Luis Saez managed to escape the ugly looking accident seemingly none the worse for fear.  Not so for the bridgejumper(s) who wagered 97 per cent of a $165,000 show pool on Paizano, resulting in show payoffs of $36, $42 and $43 on the top three finishers. The 10-1 Rickyontherun was able to skirt the stricken leader before drawing off to an easy win with several of the others forced to take up or alter course badly as a result of the incident.  

No rider change has b een announced yet for Saze who is scheduled to participate in both the 11th and 12th races on the card.