06/19/2011 1:36PM

Calder: Finally a decision!


After 30 minutes the fourth race was finally made official but the ultimate change in the order of finish was a bit of a head scratcher. One can justify placing original third place finisher My Precious Baby first as he was forced to check briefly behind runner-up Catch That Kitten in late stretch and was also brushed near the wire by ultimate winner Battle of Love. But it's impossible to figure out how Battle of Love went behind Catch That Kitten and was placed third. In fact it was Catch That Kitten who ducked out sharply on the lead forcing Battle of Love to angle down to the inside to avoid running up on that rival. At no point in the race did it appear Battle of Love ever bothered Catch That Kitten.  Henry Collazo, who trains Battle of Love, just popped in the office in an outrage looking for an opinion while en route to the stewards stand for a more official explanation.