09/06/2010 3:32PM

Calder: Another foul, non-call


  A bunch of us still scratching out heads up in the press box regarding the stewards decision not to disqualify He's Alright from first in the seventh race. He's Alright lugged in from right handed punishment to bump the pace setting United States near midstretch and came back in to brush him a second time at midstretch. The stewards put up the inquiry sign but again used the "did not affect the outcome" story that their counterparts in New York have used and abused all summer to leave the number up. To make matters worse, the guilty part was jockey Luis Saez who has repeatedly ridden carelessly and been involved in several similar incidents this summer, getting away with almost every single one of those fouls because of the "did not affect the outcome" decison. The more this type of riding is allowed to go unpunished, the more  it will continue until somebody finally gets hurt.