11/14/2010 4:23PM

Buddy's Saint (2007 - 2010)


He had a warm, homely face, with high-set eyes, large ears and an unusually long nose – more the look of a favorite old hunter, perhaps, than a young racehorse. His eyes reflected an old soul, a horse who trusted people and who would try to jump the moon if asked.   

Last winter on Gulfstream Park’s backstretch, the bay colt stood patiently for long periods while his legs were hosed, as cars slipped past just a few feet away. If people stopped and hopped out - many wanted to see the horse on everyone’s Kentucky Derby short list - his sweet face picked up as he curiously watched them approach. 

It was on the racetrack that Buddy’s Saint seemed all racehorse, powering past competitors as if not even noticing them.   From his maiden win (from which he was DQed), through the Nashua Stakes (twelve length win) to his Remsen romp…well, Buddy was the real deal.                                                                                                  

But as so often happens, the transition from two to three was not smooth, and a rough trip in the Fountain of Youth left the kindly colt battered. He never quite made it back. And now Buddy’s Saint, a member of Saint Liam’s only crop, belongs to the ages.  He was euthanized this morning after fracturing his left shoulder in a Belmont Park workout.

He leaves behind a record of two wins in four starts and earnings of over $200,000. To me, he leaves behind memories of peaceful Florida mornings.  I am sure that, to the Levine barn and Buddy’s other connections, he leaves much more. 




Anne More than 1 year ago
Seeing so many posts is such a rewarding tribute to a horse with few starts but had such a bright future. I was shocked to read about his death as I was hoping he could make a comeback. So many of these horses are so fragile. It only proves that you not only have to get your horse to the race track but he also has to be able to run without suffering from some horrific or career ending injury. A difficult task indeed. Buddy is lucky that you took the time to honor him. We are lucky, as well, that you did.
siggy wallace More than 1 year ago
Your tribute to Buddy's Saint is heartfelt. Our deepest condolences. The give so much!
Greg C. More than 1 year ago
Wonderful piece...I too was a huge fan of Buddy...I watched him breeze in Florida on the way to his return...he loved to run...I have a Saint Liam colt getting ready to start at Gulfstream, so all the Saint Liams' are very special to me..I am honored to have my colt.
Robert Ade in California More than 1 year ago
Thank you, Barbara. What a lovely tribute. My wife and I were big Saint Liam fans (our grandson's name is Liam). We lost Saint Liam much too soon, and now we lose Buddy's Saint. He was my big hope for the Kentucky Derby ever since he won the Remsen. So sad. Since Saint Liam was only blessed with one crop, each foal is precious and rare indeed. Buddy, we miss you. Romp joyfully with your daddy at Heavenly Downs, home of the Saints. Barbara, I've always loved your pictures. You capture the beauty and dignity of our terrific equine athletes like nobody else.
WWSTP More than 1 year ago
I am so grateful to have a place to wish Buddy well in his transition. Such a sweet face, big heart, and kind soul. Such a shame to loose such a lovely baby in this sport, but thank you for giving us a place to bid our farewells.
vanessa nye More than 1 year ago
My heart goes out for the coonections of this colt My beloved Voodoomon brokedown last year at Arlington Park and I hope that Buddy's Saint and Voodoomon are together in a better place. Horseracing has alot of pain at times. Rest in Peace
illgetalong More than 1 year ago
These horses are raced too early and I have seen so many go that way.... its the greed and the money that is causing these deaths and unscruplulous trainers...... that is what people hate about racing and it is turning me off....... I follow racing and have owned a couple of race horses, but what they do to them is brutal... what is happening in New Jersey will continue to happen... Life at Ten was forced to race and she did not feel well, the jockey told espn and no one looked at her and they did not check her after the race because the barn was full...... so sorry for this beautiful colt.....
Wilde More than 1 year ago
I'm so sorry to read this....I was looking forward to his return to racing. My thought and prayers are to the owner and trainer. I can only imagine how you are feeling losing this wonderful horse.
Lance More than 1 year ago
R.I.P Buddy.... he was one of my Favorites... My condolences go out to his owners and trainer...
Judy Fraizer More than 1 year ago
What a beautiful baby he was. The worst part of racing......