09/22/2008 5:36PM

Breeders' Cup Thoughts, Beyers, Morvich It Is


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Massachusetts (Suf):  Commentator (N. Zito/J. Velazquez) - 110

*Gallant Bloom (Bel):  Indian Blessing (B. Baffert/C. Nakatani) - 109
*Gold Cup (AsD):  Monsoon Rain (M. Drexler/C. Marquez) - 105
*James B. Moseley Sprint (Suf):  Real Estate (B. Levine/J. Velazquez) - 105
*Super Derby (LaD):  My Pal Charlie (A. Stall Jr./C. Bourque) - 103

*Point Given (Mth):  Delosvientos (G. Iadisernia/E. Castro) - 98
*Lake Erie (PID):  Andiamo (W. Downing/R. Allen Jr) - 97
*Drumtop (Suf):  Thunders Dove (N. Zito/J. Velazquez) - 97
*Overskate (WO):  Not Bourbon (R. Attfield/J. Jones) - 96
*Missile Belle (Bel):  Informed Decision (J. Sheppard/C. Nakatani)  - 95
*New Mexico State Fair (Alb):  Nosir (J. Guerra/V. Guerra) - 95
*Deputed Testamony (Lrl):  Wonder Mon (G. Capuano/T. Dunkelberger) - 95
*Ralph M. Hinds Invitational (Fpx):  Booyah (J. Fanning/J. Talamo) - 94
*Walking in Da Sun (Del):  Libor Lady (M. Pino/L. Garcia) - 94
*Fitz Dixon Cotillion (Pha):  Seattle Smooth (A. Dutrow/J. Lezcano) - 94
*Miss America (GG):  Wild Promises (G. Gilchrist/D. Lopez) - 94
*Robert R. Hilton Memorial (CT):  Confucius Say (G. Yetsook/R. Soodeen) - 93
*Prairie Meadows Derby (PrM):  Shadowbdancing (T. Gore/R. Meier) - 93
*Unbridled (LaD):  Steve's Double (R. Werner/R. Albarado) - 93
*Eleven North (Mth):  Way With Words (M. Eppler/E. Castro) - 93
*Pomona Derby (Fpx):  Bingham (J. Mullins/A. Quinonez) - 92
*Deputy Bar and Grill Express (Hst):  B R Remark (B. Giesbrecht/K. Nicholls) - 92
*The Vid (Crc):  Cenzontle (K. Ziadie/A. Smith) - 91
*John Henry (AP):  Dynaman (D. Miller/C. Silva) - 91
*Plagiarize (Crc):  It's a Bird (M.  Wolfson/J. Bridgmohan) - 90
*Jack Betta Be Rite (Bel):  Meriwether Jessica (L. Rice/J. Velazquez) - 90 (*Lost Without You finished first, but was disqualified to second)
*Governor's Cup (Fpx):  Northern Soldier (B. Koriner/A. Gryder) - 90

*Franklin-Simpson (KD):  Demarcation (P. McGee/H. Theriot II) - 89
*Robert O'Malley Memorial (Suf):  Hold On Smokey (D. Kielty/J. Lopez) - 88
*River Cities (LaD):  Tortuga Flats (R. Irwin/K. LeBlanc) - 88
*Sir Winston Churchill (Hst):  Fuhrever Dancing (T. Jordan/F. Perez) - 87
*Millard Harrell Memorial (CT):  Ghostly Thunder (G. Capuano/T. Dunkelberger) - 87
*Lake Michigan (AP):  Stormy Ballad (A. Granitz/J. Alvarado) - 87
*Nancy A. Vanier Illinois Owners (AP):  You Dancing Devil (N. Pessin/J. Graham) - 87
*Lincroft (Mth):  Hey Chub (K. DeMasi/C. Marquez Jr.) - 86
*Las Madrinas (Fpx):  Lemon Chiffon (S. McCarthy/D. Flores) - 86
*Farer Belle Lee (Pnl):  Valley Loot (R. Allen/F. Mata) - 86
*Prairie Meadows Oaks (PrM):  Euphony (D. Von Hemel/Q. Hamilton) - 85
*Tiznow (LaD):  Jonesboro (R. Morse/R. Albarado) - 85
*Weekend Delight (TP):  Vote Early (S. Margolis/J. Thorwarth) - 85
*British Columbia Derby (Hst):  Krazy Koffee (C. Krasner/D. Wilson) - 84
*Statuette (Bel):  Miss Challenge (G. Weaver/E. Prado) - 84
*Frontier (Pnl):  Rockem Sockem (S. Sowle/M. Doser) - 84
*Roger Van Hoozer Memorial (CT):  Julie B (G. Yetsook/A. Bocachica) - 83
*Chick Lang Jr. Memorial (Ret):  Lee's Spirit (R. Schultz/B. Walker Jr.) - 83
*Delta Colleen (Hst):  Against the Sky (C. MacPherson/F. Fuentes) - 82
*Bangles and Beads (Fpx):  Steelin' (R. DeLeon/M. Garcia) - 82
*Gateway to Glory (Fpx):  Charlie's Moment (W. Solis/J. Rosario) - 80
*Jersey Girl (Mth):  Paradise Tonight (J. Pierce Jr./E. Castro) - 80
*Matron (AsD):  Tanika (B. Brown/S. Heiler) - 80
*Dusty Screen (PID):  Terriffico (H. Miller Jr./W. Martinez) - 80

*Sunday Silence (LaD):  City Style (C. Asmussen/T. McNeil) - 79
*Flaming Page (WO):  Lickety Lemon (M. Casse/C. Sutherland) - 79
*Happy Ticket (LaD):  Abbott Hall (H. Wiggins/R. Albarado) - 78
*Bertram F. Bongard (Bel):  Trinity Magic (S. Asmussen/S. Bridgmohan) - 77
*CTBA Marian (Fpx):  Gambler's Justice (B. Spawr/M. Pedroza) - 75
*Derby Consolation (Hst):  Kwik (T. Cloutier/D. Wilson) - 75
*British Columbia Oaks (Hst):  Blue Sky Holiday (J. Snow/C. Hoverson) - 74
*Joseph A. Gimma (Bel):  Sneakin Up (J. Pierce Jr./C. Marquez Jr.) - 74

*Black Swan (Fpx):  Dash Dot Dash (V. Cerin/M. Pedroza) - 67
*George Maloof Futurity (Alb):  Brown Boy (J. Gonzalez Jr./A. Cruz) - 65
*New Mexico State Fair Thoroughbred Derby (Alb):  Move Moves (J. Claridge/D. Sterling) - 65

*Dessie and Fern Sawyer Futurity (Alb):  Winter Mist (M. Guinn/B. Theriot) - 59

*Sickle's Image (Pnl):  Ittybittymeadow (R. Gorham/R. Barrios) - 48
*Winnipeg Futurity (AsD):  Prayforthesoldiers (A. Sayler/D. Lopez) - 48

*Here are the lifetime past performances for the highest and lowest Beyer stakes performers of the past week:

Download Commentetc..pdf


Our HandiGambling 103 race will be Wednesday's Grade 3 Morvich Handicap at Oak Tree.  Here are the past performances for anyone that would like to participate:

Download Morvich.pdf


Be back tomorrow to answer a ton of questions and comments.  Wednesday, we'll talk about the HandiGambling excercise as well as a Past Champion retrospective.

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