10/16/2009 12:52PM

Breeders' Cup Sires


With 22 days until the Breeders' Cup and a lull in the prep action, I started looking through the 25 years of BC charts yesterday and saw that Danzig sired the first-ever BC winner (Chief's Crown in the 1984 Juvenile) and one thing led to another and ... here's your list of the all-time leading sires in the first quarter-century of Breeders' Cups:

Fun Facts:


--Of the five stallions who have sired four or more BC winners, four are sons (Sadler's Wells, Danzig), gandsons (Storm Cat) or great-grandsons (Awesome Again) of Northern Dancer (right). Those four Northern Dancer line sires have accounted for the winners of 10 BC dirt races and nine on the grass. The only top-5 sire outside the Northern Dancer line is Kris S. (Roberto.)

--Nijinsky II, another son of Northern Dancer, may have sired the most diverse trio of BC winners: a dirt sprinter (Dancing Spree), a turf miler (Royal Academy) and a dirt router (Ferdinand.)

--In addition to the 15 sires of three or more BC winners in the chart above, another 19 sires have two BC winners: Chester House, Cozzene, Danehill, Doyoun, Elusive Quality, Fappiano, Indian Ridge, Marquetry, Mt. Livermore, Phone Trick, Pleasant Colony, Private account, Rahy, Raja Baba, Relaunch, Smart Strike, Street Cry and Unbridled's Song. Another four stallions sired one BC winner who won two BC races: Cape Cross (Ouija Board), Cee's Tizzy (Tiznow), Consultant's Bid (Bayakoa) and Real Quiet (Midnight Lute.)

--Most BC starts, by sire: Danzig (49), Mr. Prospector (42), Sadler's Wells (42), Storm Cat (39).

--Biggest 0-fers: Dynaformer (0 for 24), Affirmed (0 for 17), Sovereign Dancer (0 for 13.). Half of Dynaformer's 24 starts came from just three horses: Perfect Drift (5), Riskaverse (4) and Film Maker (3).

--Last year's eight winners over the synthetic Pro-Ride track at Oak Tree were sired by Chester House  (Ventura, Muhannak), Tapit (Stardom Bound), Street Cry (Zenyatta), Albert the Great (Albertus Maximus), Unbridled's Song (Midshipman), Real Quiet (Midnight Lute) and Elusive Quality (Raven's Pass).

Bob in IL More than 1 year ago
Pete from the Thumb asks about tipping tellers. I seldom do it in Illinois, since they're unionized and already receive needlessly inflated wages. They're just doing what they're overpaid to do. If they have to fill out a tax form, give me the exact bills I ask for, and it's a good day, I give them the odd bills like the $3 you gave. If I hit for a for over a couple grand, I may give em $20 if they're friendly and efficient. Slow and grumpy, nothing. Never anything like 5% or 10%; the takeout is too high to give up that much more!
Gharza More than 1 year ago
Dancing Spree-Sprint, Royal Academy Mile-Mile and Ferdinand-Classic make Nijinsky II the most versatile BC sire of winners in BC history. Nice Blog.
yuwipi More than 1 year ago
Pete from the Thumb: That's Spa teller story is both hilarious and scary. Over the years I've had my share of teller adventures but the "they don't pay us" line is way in front. What I notice most is the counting mechanics of tellers. As the bill denominations start to decrease they begin to count more slowly, I suppose waiting for you to put up your hand in a "no more" gesture. Maybe it's because I"m getting older, but the increase over the last several years of Spa tellers who look like they haven't even had their high school yearbook pictures taken makes me wish for days when NYRA uprooted almost it's whole teller population from downstate for the meet. Those were some characters, and a fair number of them could actually punch out a multi leg wager without having to ask you to repeat it at least twice. Ah well. I leave a few bucks once in a while, but most of the time I want my cash - and the change too. I'm an over the top tipper and I'm not Mr. Pink in "Reservoir Dogs" but ticket sellers don't make my tip list too often. Now the hot dog stand, that's another story!
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
Steve: I'm guessing I cannot embed an image here, but I came across an ad in the entertainment section of the October 7, 1939, NYT for Belmont Park. It can be viewed at http://home.att.net/~mlnj/BelmontAd.jpg . (Almost every word in the ad is interesting for one reason or another.)
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
Don: We were out on the porch on Saturday and Sunday. (Maybe on Saturday only two of us were there. My friend who missed the Travers so he could have bypass surgery stayed only came out on Sunday morning.) I'm sure I've been down Van Meter, but I really like the main entrance road to Keeneland. There aren't many like it. I used to really like the Crescent Ave entrance to the Harness track in Saratoga. I'm not sure it's as nice now as it was before the makeover. And then there was the driveway to Clubhouse at Hialeah which I can now longer exactly picture, but it was just so nice there once you were inside the hedges. (Van Meter would work for us, BTW, as our first stop is usually the Track Kitchen for breakfast.) I got buried this trip, but I hope to be back in the spring to recoup. It's so nice there.
Tom D. More than 1 year ago
Unitas, Kent D. did the same thing with Kinsella on Sunday. He rushed him 3 to 4 wide on the first turn. Does he read the form? He was a late replacement for Albarado so one would fugure he'd pick up the form and see that his horse has one run in him not 3 or 4!
Dan MacKenzie More than 1 year ago
Useful information related to this subject: http://www.breederscup.com/images/17_SIRES.pdf
Saratoga_Mike More than 1 year ago
I know this is off-topic, but Sean Clancy's article on Linda Rice in today's pullout section of the DRF was worth the extra buck.
prozacjack More than 1 year ago
Dear Steve, Here is a "heads-up on the Oak Tree meet, this is MY opinion,and after 50 years of playing the Horses I hope it's HELPFUL to all. This track is PLAYING fair,so IF your going to play it,DO YOUR HOMEWORK.Bejarano has Garrett Gomez all figured out, he beats him to EVERY punch. Gomez will swing wide at EVERY OPPORTUNITY .Joel Rosario can OUT FINISH Bejarano 8 out of 10 races.Tyler Baze has REPLACED P-Val as a Front end rider,if he is on speed, he will lead. Michael Baze has finally woken- up and is making the most with every mount.Victor Espinoza DOES his BEST work on "cheap horses" just watch him get into those cheaper Horses,he DOESN'T like to use the STICK on the classier stock, and there is NOTHING worse than getting beat in a heated battle and your Jock is afraid to use the whip. Today's Jocks should have to watch films of Chris McCarron on how to use the whip successfully. Chris could start a 45 year old Harley with the crack of his whip. LOL
dan c More than 1 year ago
The DeFrancis Dash attracts 37 should tell you everything about the Breeders cup on rubber. The sprint will be a joke race of phoneys. The sprint champ most certainly come from the Dash not the Cup. This is the negative side of Rubber. Sprinter, class sprinters DONT like rubber, they are made for SPeed!!!!! The Dash will crown the Champ. 37 of the top Dirt sprinters in the country.....