09/15/2010 4:31PM

Big Money


If you were a little disappointed that Monmouth Park didn't meet the promise of $1 million a day in purse distribution during its premier meet over the summer, but were still taken by $5,000 claimers running for $30,000 purses, check out Saturday's card at Parx Racing.

As an aside, I admit I first typed Philadelphia Park where Parx Racing went above. It will take a little time getting used the new name, especially for someone like me who worked at this track for the Form back when it was still called Keystone.

Anyway, Saturday's card at Parx Racing is just a one-shot deal called "Owner's Appreciation Day," but it is still pretty cool. The 13-race card has total purses of $1,030,000, and it's not like there's a rich stakes race accounting for most of that. The featured PTHA President's Cup has a purse of "only" $250,000.

Some of the races Saturday at Parx Racing with mind-boggling purses that struck me were $5,000 claimers racing for $50,000; straight maidens racing for a $90,000 purse; and an allowance race that is essentially a non-winners-of-three other than with a $110,000 purse.

The funny thing is, the two richest races on the card - the stakes feature and that $110K allowance race - attracted the smallest fields with just seven and nine entrants, respectively. Not surprisingly, every one of the other 11 races atttracted full fields of 12, although two are turf races where only eight and 10 will be allowed to start. And management at Parx Racing did a smart thing. In the spirit of owner appreciation, and to keep the carpetbaggers out, entry preference went to horses who had the most starts this year at Parx Racing/Philadelphia Park.

I know the economy stinks, but this seems like an awfully good time to own a racehorse who can run even just a little bit. Especially on Saturday. At Parx Racing.

The_Knight_Sky racing blog More than 1 year ago
$1,030,000 invested on owners but nothing for the bettors. Therefore "only" $1,701,347 was the total handle. Bettor luck next time. ;-)
John Merriweather More than 1 year ago
Funny thing is, trainers at The Pha haven't upgraded their stock nor have they improved their training skills ... still have a bunch of 2-for-100 people back there while the track claims to want to upgrade its image. Why they continue to give stalls to the same is beyond me. Probably around 25 percent of them need to find another line of work.
The_Knight_Sky racing More than 1 year ago
>>> reward those loyal to the track That can be done by halving PARX's takeout rates: WPS 17% DD Ex 20% P3 P4 26% Tri Sup 30% If you're a loyal Philly Park patron, I suppose you also also in the poor house. My condolences.
markinsac More than 1 year ago
The shot heard on the left coast. This might actually mean that horse owneers can beat the game--good for them. It doesn't help that the bettors are still facing a 20% takeout. Mike, i sure wish you would tackle this topic. Back to the point, Parx racing is surely one of the best meets for owners, but once Aqueduct gets its slots, NYRA will be the tops, and all the NY drama will just be a bad memory. Back to the left coast . . . . .HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigS More than 1 year ago
Toughest meet in the country
bigstu More than 1 year ago
I own horses at Parx and its the toughest meet in the country right now! Nobody is stealing anything. It nice to run a nickel claimer for a $50K purse, but watch out for the $25K horse in the next stall!
charles rack More than 1 year ago
Is the Casino money and marketing trying to show players that they want to be abigger player in the east coast racing programs or reward those loyal to the track