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Beyers of the Week, Top 2yo debut Beyers, etc.


A couple of quick thoughts from last week's races:

*Miss Keller has a heck of a stretch kick.

*Anyone else think that The Usual Q. T. moved a bit soon considering the vast stretch at Woodbine?

*Check the Label isn't exactly "fast," but she still gets the job done.

*Redwood in the Northern Dancer.  Surprise, a Euro beats us at 12 furlongs on grass. 

*Russell Road is a remarkable gelding in West Virginia.

*Two-year-old to watch Eminent Tale breezed five furlongs in 1:02.20 at Saratoga on September 18 for Richard Dutrow Jr.  Eminent Tale had been working impressively prior to his winning debut (81 Beyer Speed Figure) at Saratoga on August 29.  A New York-bred son of Read the Footnotes out of Six Tales (by Tale of the Cat), Eminent Tale may be headed for a statebred stakes race at Belmont Park next month.

*Also keep an eye on Economic Summit, a $12,000 yearling that resold for $270,000 earlier this year.  He's a son of Malibu Moon out of Summit Lite (by Mt. Livermore) that was running well at the end of his career debut at Saratoga on September 4.  He only finished fifth in that race, but made up six lengths in the stretch after early trouble.  He breezed one mile in 1:45.34 at Aqueduct on September 15. 

Here are the top 25 winning Beyer Speed Figures from last weeks racing action:

The past performances for Miss Keller and Court Vision are available at the bottom of this blog posting.



I may be wrong here but didn't Doug Matthews prep under Noel Hickey who once won 49% of his turf runners during an Arlington meet?
jim tully

From a Marcus Hersh story posted in June of 2009:

A native Iowan, Matthews has been kicking around these parts for more than two decades now. He came here from Nebraska in the mid-1980s, and spent seven years as an assistant to trainer Noel Hickey. Closer to home, Matthews got his start walking hots in high school for trainer Jack Van Berg. His first bet of consequence was on a Van Berg-trained first-timer at Ak-Sar-Ben: Gate Dancer paid about $15 to win, in Matthews' recollection.


Dan or anyone,
I am trying to plan a birthday party and want it to start one hour after the Classic on November 6th, but the BC website does not list post times yet. Anyone know if post times have been set? Might the Classic be run under the lights?

Here is the tentative race schedule and approximate post times for the 2010 Breeders' Cup Classic card (Saturday):

1:50 pm:  Juvenile Turf
2:30 pm:  Dirt Mile
3:15 pm:  Turf Sprint
3:55 pm:  Juvenile
4:40 pm:  Mile
5:20 pm:  Sprint
6:00 pm:  Turf
6:45 pm:  Classic

Sunset should be before 6:45 pm so expect the Classic to be run under the lights.


In light of Uncle Mo's impressive debut, could you post the best BSFs for two year old first time starters ?

Here are the top WINNING Beyer Speed Figures for juvenile debut runners:

110 - Hook and Ladder
109 - Chilukki
106 - Discreet Cat
105 - Forest Music
105 - Fruition
105 - Notional
104 - Advancing Star
104 - In High Gear
104 - Kelly Kip
104 - Plagiarist
103 - Elusive Heat
103 - In C C's Honor
103 - Lost in the Fog
103 - Rodeo
102 - Frisco Star
102 - Lieutenant Ron
102 - Uncle Mo


Hey Dan, I know your busy but if you can would you please put up the pp's for a filly named Kimster. My friend's father use to own 50% of him and my buddy's always talkin about her. Just curious to see what she was all about. I believe she was primarily a turf horse who ran sometime around 2002 or 2003. Thanks a bunch Dan. Sorry to bog you down with the request....I know you always have plenty of other requests but for what its worth i always enjoy taking a look at those pp's others request and i suspect many on this blog do too. Enjoy your wknd.
Eric T

Kimster's past performances are available at the bottom of this blog posting.


Our HandiGambling exercise will be on Saturday.  I'll post the past performances later in the week.



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SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Ahh, Chicago Gerry Not only do you make a superb Blue Thong Sandwich, you also post some superb thoughts on the History of this Formblog. I truly enjoyed your thoughts...and they are spot on. And to all who are new, Welcome! Don't worry if you don't get a direct comment right away.. some may not read on a day to day basis, and could miss your informative thoughts. But I'm sure you WILL learn alot hanging with this group. In it's new formatt it is good, and if some others do return later ( think Breeders Cup) the more the merrier! ...Uncle Steve, where are you? oh, wait.. probably putting together another spread sheet, hmm?? ...Virgin Queen, are you hounding the Poker rooms?...making $$$ ...Keith L...We HAVE to get you computer compatible...LOL! ...Alan (nice to see you recently)... is Chalky still sulking over a favorite who finished off the board? I'm looking forward to seeing you and her at the NHC in January. AND Mike D...who has also qualified. Anyone else working on the qualifiers to come to Vegas for the 2011 NHC? Keep us posted and we'll be rooting you all on! Yes, we have quite the characters who will show up here, and The current cast of characters is to die for :) I may not currently post alot, but I do READ. ______________________________________________________ BTW Bluegrassbada$$ "Blink, blink, slight head shake, s*@t eating grin" ...are you a Valley Girl? Because that is a move I know well! he-he-he Hey look! NO CAPTCHAS!
Turnbackthealarm More than 1 year ago
Last but not least, regarding Zenyatta and her size.......... The breeding shed for the great Northern Dancer had a shallow trough built into the ring so the mares would be lowered for him to "reach" comfortably. I guess someone could dig a trench for her too...... More TMI: Although can't remember whether it was Tom Fool or Tom Rolfe, my old blacksmith ( a former stallion handler) told me that as Tom mounted a mare, the stallion handlers had to rush in with a long stick wrapped with a thick layer of padding to place in between him and the mare. Apparently he was quite well endowed and this was for the safety of the mare. EWWWW.......
Turnbackthealarm More than 1 year ago
Chicago Gerry, When I was looking for my comment to Bluegrass,I found your response about Bristol. I agree she will lose some baby fat if she is able to stick around. She looks very nervous, but cute. I wish her well. Most teenagers do not have the continual mortifying prying into their personal lives and then have the guts to try to make lemonade out of the lemons. The Van Gogh, Funny, you have the opposing viewpoint of the person for whom I read the report. I was friendly with a mother of a high level basketball recruit who did not have great reading skills, nor much social sophistication. As a peronal favor I slogged through the WHOLE thing when her son was being evaluated by SUNY. The one thing she did know was that her boy was quiet, well behaved and although not a strong student , a very hard working one. He was also 6'8" with an extremely soft shooting touch from 8 ft out to the three point line. He's not at SUNY Binghamton because of the "character issue" and the contents of that report. I find your opposing opinion interesting because your school is so academically strong. When the athletes are so different from the rest of the students, how do they blend in, make friends, and enjoy the rest of the social and educational experiences college can offer? I tutored D1 athletes, football, water polo and basketball, all through college. It was friendships I developed with them as individuals that made me want to attend their games. One actually made the pros! I don't necessarily disagree, it's simply that my experience has been so different.
Annie More than 1 year ago
KNM, No no, you don't understand. It's a love call. The Loons call longingly to each other across the glistening lake at night. A haunting, mournful call. Being Loons (that's where the word loony comes from), it takes them awhile to realize that they can just fly across the lake and be together. Unfortunately, they often get that idea at the same time and each heads across the lake. And then, of course, are still across the lake from each other. This can go on for some time and may inadvertently prevent someone from falling asleep. However, another glass of wine or a cocktail can help that situation. Now that you know the facts, I'm sure you are much more sympathetic to these lovely birds. :) Someone must have seen a visiting Minnesota Loon and thought it was so beautiful that they decided to picture it on your dollar. We, of course, use good old American money so we don't have them on ours, unless they put it on the quarters they minted honoring Minnesota. I should really look. LOL Annie
blackstone More than 1 year ago
PGM Thank you for the comments onboth the Form and Formulator. As always, on point and very helpful. One other point re the online version-this Saturday I'm only playing two tracks-Belmont and GGF. So I'll spend $2, rather than the printed form cost of $6. It helps a tiny bit, not a lot though, to offset the darn toner and paper cost. Good luck this weekend-closing time, right? I have two "go" statements: Go James DiVito! GO GIANTS! (how is that for being controversial?)
Turnbackthealarm More than 1 year ago
Bluegrassbada$$, I think you missed a response other than Laura's. Here was mine from the other day: "Posted by Turnbackthealarm Welcome Blue Grass Bad A$$! From last thread:I was very interested in your opinion of the sales and the horses. What did you like about the Hard Spuns? The dams or their physicals or both. I was with Laura at FT Saratoga and she didn't like them much. I have read online commetary that they look like sprinters and others that say they are plain. The ones at FT Saratoga that I saw were a mixed bag. Like Vicstu, HS was a favorite of mine and I will be rooting for his babies. Also, why do you think Smart Strike is a bit of a one-hit wonder? I was at Belmont the day he had four graded winners, English Channel, Curlin, Pleasant Strike and Smarty Deb. There have been lots of others too, namely a friend of mine's horse that he named for me, Smart and Classy. She was graded stakes placed on grass. Many of his are unsound, but I think the quality is there. Most have unattractive heads, but seem to win on all surfaces at all distances." I am always interested in any comments about the sales and babies having done LOTS of research in those areas back in the 90's. My interest is much more general now, but still love to hear what those with an educated eye or a financial investment have to say.
Blackseabass More than 1 year ago
Blackstone , The reason you couldn't find trainers with positive roi's with firsters for 4 years is because " firsters take the worsters" and (Eureka you have found it !!) a bet saved is a bet won. All the data mining is worth it in the long run keep it up kid. Is there going to be an HG this week ?
Van Savant More than 1 year ago
I am now actually wondering what is so wrong with my life that I handicapped the full card for Friday at Turfway Park! It obviously has been a long time, but wow...is that a tough mix of races and horses. I have yet to look at a morning line, but I am sure that I am way off. That can be a good thing too, although. I am definetly going to tread lightly, and I may just limit myslef to 12 $2 Win bets ($24) and 10 $.10 Superfecta box wagers ($24) and see what shakes out. I can watch the replay's Friday night after my world calms down. I have no idea what to expect, except I expect to be surprised.
PGM More than 1 year ago
Blackstone, I use online forms over the paper forms myself. I actually handicapped for a few years without ever seeing the paper form. So, in a stodgy way, I stuck to online forms. I'd rather have the flexibility of ordering it from own home instead of having to trudge outside. This can become in issue in say, January. I'd recommend Formulator as it allows you to make your own notes (for me, trip notes and condition notes) in the past performance. Here's one thing I like it for: Some tracks (this annoys me) will write an allowance as "n$y" when the conditions say something like this: "For Three Year Olds And Upward Which Have Never Won $8,800 Once Other Than Maiden, Claiming, Or Starter Or Have Never Won Two Races." (This appears on the Friday Arlington card, race 8, and I deleted the restriction on State Breds.) To 99.99999% of the world, a n1x allowance. Equibase started calling some of these "n$y" allowances. Watch out for these at Ellis, Keeneland, Turfway (psst, Van Savant) and Gulfstream. (Dan tipped off these some time back, and they keep coming around.) By reading the charts in Formulator, you can gauge a horse's class better because you're reading the conditions instead of just the few characters of code.
blackstone More than 1 year ago
CM Great to hear from you. I'll look forward, as many of us will, to hearing from you soon. Bluegrassbada$$ Thank you for the thoughtful post on why so many have left. And welcome back. Your input and thoughts will always be welcomed here by all of us, I'm certain. Interesting handle-care to share its origin? Hope I wasn't one of those who drove you out of here-I've had a few arguments with some on here, one of which for sure was a yelling match. Never again.