04/23/2008 5:51PM

Beyers, Lexington fractions


SteveT and Vicstu,
I believe that Sig. Move Bled or Flipped his palate in the LA Derby. Thats what I read somewhere.  Don';t know what his excuse was in the last race. 

larry k

I just finished updating the Disabled List located on the right hand side of the Blog.  Signature Move has recently been sidelined with lung problems, and probably won't be back until the summer at the earliest.  This is his second stint on the List this year as he had a lung infection, and bled after the Louisiana Derby. 


What does a trainer do with a colt/filly that hangs a bit in terms of persevering to persevere, class of the next out race, equipment, distance, surface etc.?
chicago gerry

If a horse truly lacks the will to win, then nothing a trainer does will put him/her over the top.  In Atoned's case, I do believe he hangs, but I'm hoping that blinkers will be the answer for him down the road.  Actually, I'm kinda surprised that Mr. Pletcher hasn't tried the blinkers experiment already.


What kind of sick person would be that crule to a horse? Blows my mind away. Something does need to be done. The same thing happend to a Darley horse i believe this winter at Gulfstream Park.

The Darley filly that was sponged at Gulfstream was Golden Velvet, and it was extremely sweet to see her win the Sixty Sails Handicap at Hawthorne last week with a big 105 Beyer.


     This blog had me laughing my head off but it does bring up a serious point. How do you handle it when people solicit your advice at seminars or when friends ask you and your opinion is wrong on a race? I have a few people that ask me for Derby advice but I hate giving my opinion because I'm no expert (but knowlegable) and I would be crushed if I caused someone to lose alot of cabbage.
Master Shakes

This is a great question.  I feel terrible when someone asks my opinion, then bet money on the opinion, and the opinion stinks up the joint.
I think some of it is selfish.  I feel awful because I bet each horse that I give out, and my wallet suffers when they don't do well.  Most of it is because I feel like my advice caused that person to lose his/her money, and while it's embarrassing and a blow to my ego, it's also a blow to that person's pocketbook. 
In this line of work, though, you have to keep giving opinions, and hope that you're right a few times.
But, I do feel really awful when the picks I give out to the public do poorly.


I also feel bad for skipping the "Handicapper(s) of the Week" segment as well as this week's Past Champions retrospective, but I am way behind in a lot of my work. 

Tomorrow, I'll get to most, if not all, of your questions, comments, and pp requests from when I was out of town.

Thanks so much for the great commentary.  You guys/gals are the best.