07/15/2008 8:32PM

Beyers, comments, landed in SoCal


Let's take a look at the winning Beyer Speed Figures for last week's stakes races:

*Delaware (Del): Hystericalady (J. Hollendorfer/G. Gomez) - 108
*Azalea (Crc):  Indyanne (G. Gilchrist/R. Baze) - 108
*Poker (Bel):  Kip Deville (R. Dutrow Jr./C. Velasquez) - 108
*Princess Rooney (Crc):  Mistical Plan (D. O'Neill/C. Nakatani) - 108
*Man o'War (Bel):  Red Rocks - Ire (B. Meehan/J. Castellano) - 108

*Smile Sprint (Crc):  Benny the Bull (R. Dutrow Jr./E. Prado) - 105
*Arlington (AP):  Stream Cat (G. Arnold II/J. Graham) - 105
*R. R. M. Carpenter Jr. (Del):  Five Steps (C. Grove/J. Acosta) - 103
*Bob Harding (Mth):  Fagedaboudit Sal (L. Carvajal Jr./P. Fragoso) - 102
*Carry Back (Crc):  Golden Spikes (M. Wolfson/E. Trujillo) - 102
*Harold V. Goldman Memorial (LS):  Gold Coyote (W. Calhoun/B. Walker Jr) - 101
*Swaps (Hol):  Tres Borrachos (C. Greely/T. Baze) - 101
*Dr. James Penny Memorial (Pha):  Sharp Susan (W. Mott/K. Desormeaux) - 100
*Sunset (Hol):  Warning Zone (J. Sadler/M. Smith) - 100

*Inside the  Beltway (Bel):  Buffalo Man (C. Gambolati/E. Coa) - 97
*Modesty (AP):  Communique (G. Arnold II/R. Douglas) - 96
*Barbaro (Del):  Magical Forest (J. DeMola/J. Chavez)- 96
*Robert G. Dick Memorial (Del):  Palmilla (J. Sheppard/R. Homeister Jr.) - 96
*Dance Smartly (WO):  The Niagara Queen (S. Asmussen/J. McAleney) - 96
*Delaware Oaks (Del):  Proud Spell (J. Jones/G. Saez)- 95
*Light Hearted (Del):  Smart and Fancy (A. Dutrow/R. Dominguez) - 95
*Caesar Rodney (Del):  Wheels Up At Noon (P. Fout/J. Castellano) - 95
*Repercussion (WO):  Marina Ballerina (S. DiPasquale/J. Stein) - 94
*Ky Alta (NP):  Arkhill (C. MacPherson/R. Walcott) - 93
*John McSorley (Mth):  Rouse the Cat (O. Figgins III/C. VanHassel) - 93
*Ladnesian (Hst):  El Sinaloense (J. Olmos/P. Alvarado)  - 92
*Vacaville (Sol):  Kalookan Dancer (W. Solis/L. Contreras) - 91
*Oh Say (Del): M J's Enchanteur (S. Lake/A. Castellano Jr.) - 91
*Prince of Wales (FE):  Harlem Rocker (T. Pletcher/E. Coa) - 90
*French Colonial (Bel):  Willsboro Point (S. Schwartz/E. Coa) - 90

*New York Derby (FL):  Tin Cup Chalice (M. Lecesse/P. Rodriguez) - 89
*Long Branch (Mth):  Truth Rules (N. Zito/S. Elliott) - 89
*Allen Bogan Memorial (LS):  Wrenice (R. Mayfield/C. Bourque) - 89
*John Patrick (NP):  Holy Nova (M. Beveridge/M. Gutierrez) - 88
*American Derby (AP):  Tizdejavu (G. Fox/R. Douglas) - 88
*Valor Farm (LS):  Valid Lilly (S. Asmussen/L. Quinonez) - 88
*Leemat (PID):  Whistle Pig (A. Carter/E. King Jr.) - 88
*Assault (LS):  Crook's Adventure (C. Asmussen/B. McNeil) - 87
*Serena's Song (Mth):  Dance Hall Days (A. Dutrow/J. Lezcano) - 86
*Brookmeade (Cnl):  Debbie Sue (H. Smith/M. Franklin) - 86
*Audubon Oaks (ElP):  Closeout (T. Proctor/J. McKee) - 85
*Daryl Wells Sr. Memorial (FE):  Stonetown (N. Randall/C. Griffith) - 83
*JJ's Dream (Crc):  Additional Prayer (T. Oliver/R. Baze) - 82
*Toronto Cup (WO):  Secret Getaway (M. Stidham/E. Wilson) - 82
*Timber Music (Hst):  What R The Odds (M. Snow/F. Perez) - 81
*Texas Stallion (fillies) (LS):  Sweetacious (W. Calhoun/E. Martin Jr.) - 80

*George Lewis Memorial (Tdn):  Catlaunch (I. Vazquez/I. Gonzalez) - 79
*Ernie Samuel Memorial (FE):  Klissura (K. Attard/J. Baird) - 78
*Solano County Juvenile (Sol):  Babs Moossa (J. Hollendorfer/W. Antongeorgi III) - 77
*Texas Stallion (males) (LS):  Early Final (W. Calhoun/M. Berry) - 77
*Ga Ha (PID): Miss Blue Tye Dye (R. Reid Jr./F. Pennington) - 77
*Derby Trial (AsD):  Mr Exspeedient (C. Willson/T. Nelson) - 75
*Frank Gomez Memorial (Crc):  Red Nation (J. Shaw/R. Fuentes) - 75
*Shady Well (WO):  Cawaja Beach (S. Fairlie/D. David) - 73

*Niagara (FL):  Karakorum Katie (J. Jerkens/J. Davila Jr.) - 67
*CTBA Futurity (ArP):  Dance to the Star (K. Gleason/A. Ramos) - 61
*Angie C. (EmD):  Super Dixie (D. Harwood/J. Gutierrez) - 60

*CTBA Lassie (ArP):  Illusive Crystals (K. Gleason/A. Ramos) - 51

*Edmonton Juvenile (NP):  Robo Willie (G. Tracy/R. Walcott) - 49
*Boise Thoroughbred Derby (Boi):  Beefheart (T. Garrett/D. Crane) - 48
*Princess Margaret (NP): Bodgits Lady (D. MacDonald/J. Barton) - 44
*Capital City Futurity (Lnn):  Wholelotta Richter (A. Slack/D. Herber Jr.) - 42
*Sales (MD):  Chief Shaheen (J. Hunter/A. Scarlett) - 41 

*Hoover (RD):  Raise the Reward (T. Hamm/A. DeLeon) - 36

Here are the lifetime past performances for the week's high/low Beyer stakes performers:

Download HighLow.pdf


Just touched down at San Diego, and am looking forward to meeting any and all bloggers this week.  I'll be the guy wearing too much sunscreen, and hanging out in the paddock where the horses leave the walking ring and head out onto the track. 

I think it's going well thus far.  Once I boarded the plane, an attractive brunette gave me the once-over, and said, "You're pretty lucky."

"Well, I don't think luck has much to do with it," I suavely replied.  "You have to give credit to excellent genetics, a strict diet, and a great workout program.  You don't get to look like this overnight, you know."

(Awkward pause)

"I meant you were lucky you got the window seat."

(Cue 5 1/2 hours of silence)


Great job with the homework assignment!  Lots of interesting opinions.

Will be back with the Opening Day recap after the races.

Take care,