06/08/2013 9:29AM

Belmont Stakes Scene Setter


Good morning from Belmont Park on Belmont Stakes Day, where the security is tighter than I have ever seen it here, and the sun, believe it or not, is actually peeking through the clouds. It is supposed to reach the upper 70s today with the chance of only a passing shower, so conditions are favorable for the currently tightly-sealed main track to dry out some. And if the rain stays away, management might have the chance to cut the main track open.

As for the turf, it is currently labeled “yielding,” but you would have to think it’s worse than that since, as predicted, Friday’s storm dumped about five inches of rain on the area. Nevertheless, the only race that is off the turf today (so far, anyway) is the third.

Finally, despite taking a ridiculous amount of rain yesterday, I don’t think that there is any question that the main track here Friday was without bias. But that was yesterday, and the surface today is different (there isn’t any standing water on it, for starters), and it will likely change in nature through the day. So the smart thing is to remain diligent, and keep an eye out for any potential biases that can be turned into money making opportunities.

Good luck today, everyone!