06/09/2012 10:32AM

Belmont Day 2012


I'm off to the races but here's the timetable for today's 13-race card at Belmont and a rundown of the six stakes races that comprise a $1 million guaranteed pick-6:

There are three pick-4's on the card. with the one on races 8-11 (the last four pick-6 races) also carryng a $1 million guaranteed pool.

The only scratches in the six stakes, as of 10:15 a.m., are Top Surprize from the Manhattan and, as you may have heard, I'll Have Another from the Belmont.

Good luck to all, and apologies for not being able to post your comments until much later tonight or tomorrow. I've got some personal history going today: It was 25 years ago -- on June 9, 1987, the first dark day (a Tuesday) after the Bet Twice-Alysheba Belmont -- that I was married to Robin Foster of Champaign, Illinois. So we'll celebrate the silver anniversary with a day at the track, and I guess I ought to give her 25 percent of my pick-6 action. Back tomorrow or Monday with a full report.

ML-NJ More than 1 year ago
Well, scratch the entire marketing plans of the NYRA. I suppose 85,000+ did show up, but I'm sure many were disappointed despite a great card. But those that have been convinced to come out whenever the Big Horse runs need not pay attention for another year, or maybe more. For myself, I was just as intrigued by the third (State Bred OC N1X/14K for $56,000, wow!) as by any of the other races, so I'll be back. Kudos to the NYRA for finally putting out enough betting terminals. I never had to wait for even one person to make any of my bets. But what a shame they think they have to make all their money on one day. $10 for parking? $23 for a hamburger and a beer? $5 for a pretzel? It really was better when the Belmont was just the sixth race on the card.
Stuart More than 1 year ago
Steve, Congrats on 25 years. Some things in life are even more important than horseracing (not many) but you have obviously found one of them. 20 years myself in early 2013. That is why I know you deserve a pat on the back and a way to go! It is good when you find someone and together you can make it work. Happy silver anniversary at the track!
Will LaTulippe More than 1 year ago
I was on the apron for the main event...Tom's call was not at all audible over the crowd noise...yet we heard Bob Costas's winner's circle patter loud and clear. What gives, NYRA? I didn't even know who was coming up the rail on Paynter, as I had to rely on the middle video board to watch the race. Perhaps I should have memorized the silks of the top contenders, and not merely those of my pick, My Adonis.
Flinky More than 1 year ago
Anyone know what UR's Beyer figure was?
Vincent Condeni More than 1 year ago
Hi Steve, It's 10:45 AM, Sunday morning. and the racing world is waiting for your Belmont comments and your P6 results! Don't rush! I assume you are still in bed having Breakfast with the Better Half! My Belmont Stakes bets are a little disappointing. I had three out of 4 Horses hit the board. My only miss was betting My Adonis who was running very well until the quarter pool then collapsed like a Hot Air Ballon during a Thunderstorm. But all wass not lost. Caught the Exacta for a generous $31.40 5 times, burt missed the tri and super. I still made a small profit on the race. My best play was the 10th Race preceding the Belmont. Caught the 10 cent Super several times and it paid an amazing $116.45 per bet. If Papaw Bodie, who missed by a nose, won the race, the 10 cent super would have paid $250 or $300 for each 10 cent bet. Not crying or whinging , just reporting! In short, the Math System worked very well except for My Adonis, who failed to hit the Board! Atigun, 3rd place finisher was playable but had a miserable Math Score! I look forward to sharing my selections during the Saratoga meet and the Breeders Cup Classic! Good Luck & Good Health, Always! Diceman
Meathead More than 1 year ago
congratulations on your hits on belmont day and that 10C super play was awesome to say the least in my plays if paynter wins I collect the $1 super twice as it turned I caught it once and am not complaining in the least I used Atigun and the lucas horse as my longshots and got luckey with one of them running in but you know I was pulling for paynter to win it all but not to be a very nice ride by john to get up on the rail. My hats off to baffert for putting two quality horses in the TC races who made the race exciting for sure. steve congrats on your 25th you only have 26 more to catch me. good luck sir MH01
Thomas More than 1 year ago
Steve, Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary, and thank you again for all the wonderful innovations your have brought to the the DRF. Tom
daveb More than 1 year ago
That's why your marriage has survived 25 years !!........A more than FAIR 75---25 split .
Dale Johnson More than 1 year ago
Happy Anniversary Steve.I once got engaged in Villa Grove,a small town about 10 miles from Champaign.Luckily I dodged that bullet.It was a nice little town and the bakery in the in the grocery store made amazing donuts but that was 14 years ago. The Triple Crown gods strike again,a healthy IHA would've trounced that field.
W.G. More than 1 year ago
Belated happy anniversary Steve! The only thing better for you would have been to have had a Triple Crown happen on your 25th anniversary. Now, given even though O'Neill and the connections with I'll Have Another are not among them there are those who have been blaming the detention barn for what happened to I'll Have Another, in my opinion anyone who is blaming the New York State Racing and Wagering Board for the detention barn (and in turn, blaming New York State for what happened to IHA) I think needs to put the blame on the detention barn where I think it belongs: On Harness trainer Lou Pena, who was recently accused of 1,719 violations in 675 races at Harness tracks in New York State (mainly Yonkers Raceway). In my opinion, the NYSRWB had no choice but to put in the detention barn following those allegations against Pena at the last minute to "show" those who are uneducated in the sport there was minimal risk of "funny business." It would not surprise me if in the coming days, the board, especially being unfairly blamed in my opinion for the detention barn causing the injury to I'll Have Another in a number of circles (again, even if O'Neill and company say otherwise) comes out and says it was the Pena violations that prompted them to put in the barn for reasons noted. Even if Pena is later found not guilty of such violations he is accused of, I suspect his violations will one way or the other be considered responsible for causing the state to implement the barn for the Belmont Stakes, which in turn will in the eyes of those who do feel the barn caused IHA's injury will consider Pena responsible for causing the barn that caused the injury in their minds and denying Thoroughbred Racing of its first Triple Crown winner in 34 years.
charming idiot More than 1 year ago
steve, celebrated our 25th last year. it is a monumental accomplishment. i wish us both 25 more. an interesting race but certainly one that i'll have another would have won had he been healthy. if i had to trade places with anyone in racing it would be bob baffert. he seems to have two pair with a straight flush draw.