06/11/2011 9:32AM

Belmont Day 2011: The Six Graded Stakes



Here is how my Pick-6 worksheet looks at 9:30 a.m. as I leave for the track on what dawned as a somewhat soggy Belmont Stakes Day. NYRA is listing the main track and the turf as "good" at the moment, amid a forecast of intermittent showers and isolated thunderstorms for the rest of the day.

You're on your own the rest of the day. Good luck to all, and I'll be back here tomorrow [update: Monday] with a full report.



Jeff T. More than 1 year ago
Walt P., you are indeed a saint. Never has anyone (in the history of the equine blogosphere) offered so much good advice. I think I made the same comment almost a year ago after reading your well-meant observations and insight... I hope someone (other than me) is listening Walt.
grasslover More than 1 year ago
Yesterday (Sunday) at River Downs, I saw the first 2 races Daily Double pay $2.80! Can anyone remember seeing a DD that paid that small? I mean getting a payoff of 2/5 for hitting a DD?
leon More than 1 year ago
can you please explain how you put your pick 6 ticket together after you do your graded system [http://www1.drf.com/formulator/ticketmakerhelp.html -SC]
archroad More than 1 year ago
ruler on ice was logical to pick as a possible winner. on friday in the bklyn the horse which won was on or near the lead all around the track. the Belmont running is contrian to what you think, closers win. wrong! Breen put blinkers on indicating he was going for the lead or hang off. simple lou glens falls
Diceman More than 1 year ago
Hi Steve and Professional Handicappers, Please listen to the followin advice if you want to survive this very tough game! My bettying strategy is never to bet Maiden Races and any race on a Wet Track. Therefore, I did not make any bets on the entire Belmont Card yesterday. The Belmont Stakes was an artictic and financial disaster for professional handicappers! The entire DRF Staff failed to pick two Horses to finish on the Board. I was lucky, and got two out of 4 correct including the Winner. The bazarre results were entirely due to a Wet Tract. Both Horses and Jockeys were visablly concerned with the track conditions. This problem must and should be fixed for Racing to survive. I'm convinced the younger crowd at the Track or those betting at Simulcast venues will lose interest in betting racing in the future. Here are several incidents marring yesterdays' Belmont Stakes. JV clips Horses in front at the break and almost goes down in a horrible accident. Motion needs to remove JV on any future starts for AK. In the Preakness, JV lost contacvt with the field. In the Belmont, he simply lost His professional stature for the foreseeable future and Racing got a horrible black-eye that will never be healed. None of the other so called Belmont Stakes contenders ran a lick on the miserable Belmont course yesterday. NYRA must move quickly and immediately make courageous plans and convert one of their two useless turf courses at Belmont and Saratog to a Synthetic surface. Also, the Aquaduct fix would require the conversion of the Inner Track to Synthetic. Please note the following: Running on a Synthetic Race Course is an excellent prep for competeing in the Spring Classics. Both Animal Kingdom and Brillian Speed raced on Synthetics this Spring and then rav well in Grade 1 Races. In short, if Synthetics are good enough for Keeneland, Arlington and Turfway Park, they should be acceptable to the NYRA and East Coast Racing Fans to ensure a square deal when betting the races. One final thought. I have been a Racing and Casino Player for the past 50 years. I have never felt cheated in a Casino. On the other hand, the Racing Game is populated with cheats and/or incompetentcy at every level, from Ownes, Trainers, Jockeys, Tote Sellers, Stewards and Senior Management Officials. This type of activity is simply not tolerated in the Casino Industry! It's extremely difficuly for a Professional Handicapper to make an Honest Buck facing this type of activity at Racetracks.
ricbee More than 1 year ago
What a day! I'm a longshot player but couldn't see Ruler on Ice closer than my 6th choice. I just love the game & am sorry JV made those comments even if he's right. At least he didn't say anything on the telecast. I hope Rajiv did not do anything wrong.
SamG More than 1 year ago
Nobody likes a wet track on big days but it's hardly a reason to go insane and install a synthetic track.From everything I've heard NYRA is not interested and thank God for that.I often bet less when it's sloppy but I wasn't planning to bet that much anyway.This has been an awful year for me and I went a little nuts on Derby Day trying to get it all back at once,afterwards I wished it had rained and I had bet less. I guess trainers can't win,they get criticized for not running(add me to that club) and now when they do?Shackleford wasn't bred to get the Preakness distance but he won so I think that gives him a right to try the Belmont.Far more horses run in the Derby who shouldn't be there.After Mine That Bird it's hard to say any horse has no chance and after Animal Kingdom there's no reason not to run turf and synthetic horses either.We can expect 20 horse fields in the Derby for a long long time. Take J.R. off A.K. and replace him with who?The guy is one of the best there is and I thought he did a great job in a bad situation. It helps of course that I had a good day,after the Derby I was about ready to give up this crazy game.There's always another race,for now anyhow,and tomorrow is another day.I don't have the money to chase the Pick 6,maybe just a small just in case ticket,but I'll enjoy rooting for you Steve,if you go for it. One last thing.The Oklahoma City and Memphis what's?Guess it's been a while since I followed pro basketball.Here I thought it was baseball season,but then I'm a Cub fan,ouch.
George Quinn More than 1 year ago
This was a boat race from beginning to end. I think we all saw that Animal Kingdom is the best of this group yesterday. I just cannot fathom that Dale Romans probably killed Shackleford yesterday. How did the whole country know that this horse could not get a mile and a half and he did not? Just silly that he was in the race. Another year to put on the page with Da Tara and Commendable. This race is not even a watchable replay for me. George in Tampa
S A L More than 1 year ago
I actually like mud (as long as no one gets injured). I am sure there are horseplayers somewhere who ONLY play on muddy days (obviously dirt tracks). I had the ex and picked the 2 and 3 in the morning. Only because they were the ones w/the good mud records. Plus two good jockeys (JC my second favorite, JV I always used in turf races). It was not the only bet I made in the race, in fact was the last -- I had the 3 and 2 to place and 2 to win, sort of as hedges for the usual suspects in supers and tris but then thought I just better put 2 and 3 together so I wouldn't kill self after. But he 3 had done pretty well in all his races, and he didn't know they were inferior company or whatever. The funny thing is I was never less excited watching a race. Was actually rooting for the 1 because I had a double going w/him (had the 3 in a dead double and it would have only been $9 to merge tickets but "saving" for Belmont itself) and he was doing so little. I had no idea it was the 3 coming, the color was weird on the tv I was looking at. And it was only in the replay I knew the 2 was there too. So delayed happiness. If everything was totally logical we would never have big payoffs. The "professional handicapper" who posted earlier should be glad that there's all those $$ in the pool for Wed. Smaller fields probably, more chalk and what would and instead of collecting $3000 or $6000 or $10000 he could get many times that.
Kevin Reszka More than 1 year ago
Steve, a tough day for handicapping. I could see the winners in the first 2 legs of the late pick 4, but thru the last two winners out right away in my handicapping. Do you keep track of how you do on an annual basis (cashed tickets and profit/loss)? I'm cashing 25% of tickets, but still losing money; mostly because I lose almost all of the bigger bets I make.