06/05/2010 10:08AM

Belmont Day 2010: Cheat Sheet


Here's the current draft of my notes for today's six graded stakes races at Belmont, with preliminary grades and a comment on each runner.

Three early scratches in the stakes, one of them crucial: Custom For Carlos, who would have been favored in the True North. (The other two are longshots Strasbourg in the True North and Hot Trip from the Acorn.) I'm going to need to rethink that race now and probably elevate some others from their current grades.

Just a few spots of overnight rain and now a sunny morning with temperatures already nearing 80. The latest forecasts are mostly sunny until 3 p.m., with "isolated" t-storms thereafter.

Time to go to the races. Enjoy yourself.

cakes_are_cooking More than 1 year ago
Is she still singing?
Dave More than 1 year ago
Pure heartbreaker for Uptowncharleybrown. Disqualified to last. Thankfully he didn't win. Numbnuts on TV proposing a change to get a Triple Crown winner. Change the BREEDING. This stupidity started with DWLukas and his 9f sprinter mentality decades ago.
BC More than 1 year ago
It's a little surprising how poorly the public handicappers did in the Acorn, Manhattan and Belmont. As a matter of fact, by the size of the pick3 and pick 4 payouts, we all seem to be guilty of not using a little imagination in our handicapping process. Everyone seems to so focused on numbers. No one is asking the question that Steve Davidowitz asked many years ago: Why is this horse in this race.
Tony More than 1 year ago
Perhaps I missed something, but where was the Manhattan? Was it shown anywhere? Because I never even saw as much as a replay on TVG. I know there were contractual obligations involved, which is fine, but did anyone anywhere actually show the race? If not, it's too bad, because rough & tumble as it was, the race deserved more than what we got---funny, the same could be said for us regarding both TVG and the ABC/ESPN combo.
peat moss More than 1 year ago
I thought abc could do no worse then nbc,i was wrong.I didnt bother to watch abc until i was forced to watch the belmont on it because the otb channel couldnt show it. The race was impossible to watch with all the stupid angles and aerial shots,cutting back and forth on the angles.I had to watch the replay show with the track feed to see the race.If the IDIOTS at abc think they will attract new fans to racing they are wrong.The race was unwatchable the way they show it.The headon shot out of the gate made no sense and the aerial shots are useless. You will not attract new fans by making it impoosible to follow the race.
ponyman More than 1 year ago
Final time wow--SLOW-weak 3yo this year.
trotter More than 1 year ago
I have a question concerning DQ for weight. When would the weight have been discovered if the horse had won? Also if Maragh said he knew where the pad fell out why would he continue to ride so agressively?
david More than 1 year ago
nice race 2 at monmouth 6f in 116 great quality racing
J More than 1 year ago
...ABC did another great job with those views. For instance, they showed the start from behind the gate on an angle. We never knew that the fence between the track and the parking lot needed some work. Thanks also for the wonderful coverage of the Manhattan.
Don Reed More than 1 year ago
A “Bad” Day At The Belmont Stakes (2010): Unable to decide between Dave Dixie, Drosselmeyer, Game Dude, and First Dude, equal amounts (win-place) weren’t bet on all four candidates. It must have been the 90* heat wave. A Better Day at the Belmont Stakes (2002): When the temperature at 6 p.m. was 50* (Baloney! We froze our rear ends off after the race, waiting in line for trains to Penn Station). A Great Day at the Belmont Stakes (2010): Failed to check my tickets punched up by a Monmouth teller. Had First Dude (#11) not faded to 3rd, I would have been looking for his win-place ticket - and found, instead, a WP bet on (#10) Stay Put! The Best Belmont Ever (Today): The three all-class straight arrows - Richard Migliore, Bill Mott, and Mike Smith - in the news again, and for all the right reasons.