06/07/2008 12:26PM

Belmont Day


12:15 pm: is this thing on? Blogging by cellphone...what a concept. The first Belmont I covered, I batted out on a manual typewriter and then dictated to a telephone transcriptionist in the NY Times "recording room." Almost 30 years later, I'm still on a phone.

After one race, it's clear we have a much different and much quicker main track than we've had all week. Desert Key ($4.30) won the opener from box to wire, getting a mild half in 45.12 en route to a final time of 1:08.80.

Too soon to tell about the crowd and whether the scratch of Casino Drive will keep anyone away. At the moment the apron is full but navigable and the box area a sparse but it's still six hours to the big one. No line at all to get my first Furlong Frank of the afternoon.

Going to put in early pick-4's. Back in a while.

1:30 p.m.: Sorry, servers and wireless access are not cooperating. I'll be back much later on or tomorrow with a full report on the day.

RichP More than 1 year ago
Pru At the point Kent D stopped rinding the whole field had passed him except for one horse. Kent D. did nothing wrong in pulling his horse up. And was probably the wise thing to do. As a performance that bad might have been an indication that something was wrong. Flogging a beaten horse is just what the animal rights wackos would like to have seen happen.
RichP More than 1 year ago
Thriple Price As to the price. I was at a simulcating outlet in CT. On big days like this you have people who play names the longest shot on the board etc. I was sitting next to a woman who had 50$ on the winner because she always bets the two longest shots in the Belmont and always wins. One of the reasons to be the thriple crown and the breeders cup is all the uninformed money in the pool. Occasionally when the result is as chaotic as the one we saw, all that uninformed money takes home the bacon. The smart player who figured out a way to pick the thriple gets hosed.
Tom Atwater More than 1 year ago
saarland said: "Belmont trainer who I respect commented to me that Big Brown appeared to be laboring over the Belmont surface when he worked last Tuesday...." Steve, I really would have liked to have read Mike Welsch's take on the physical state of Belmont and Preakness runners pre-race, like he does for the Derby (which has excellent coverage on the workouts and such, by the way). The above comment in particular makes this important. Was this person the only one to see this? What did Welsch think of how BB looked last week? There was no hint of anything like this (BB laboring) in any published report that I saw. As far as I could tell he was training fine, except for the time missed from the quarter crack business. The DRF being the standard for such reporting, I would hope in the future we could see a column or two from Welsch on the other TC races on this subject. dan_baedeker said: "Did Denis Of Cork run a slower Belmont than Kentucky Derby?" D'Tara got a 99. DOC ws beaten 5 1/4 lengths, or 6 Beyer points at 1 1/2 mi. So he gets a 93. He got a 97 in the Derby.
Mike d More than 1 year ago
******88 BB was probably not a bridge jumpers play, but it's hard to tell with all the runners.And the 4 show prices. $$$$$$$$$$ I checked the pools at post time. Big Brown had 60 percent of the win pool, and 40 percent of both the place and show pools. In day-to-day racing, 2-5 shots get played a lot harder in the place and show pools.
Flipper Dawson More than 1 year ago
Glad he got beat. Too low odds take away the way to make money. One of the racing writers had the 38-1 winner picked on top. Perhaps now, we can get back to racing.
Green Mtn Punter More than 1 year ago
This is getting to be a joke. Another year, another Triple Crown try by the next coming of if not Man O' War at least Secretariat, and the result always the same: The longest shot in the field trounces the big tiger. Do we all feel like fools once again? How many times do we have to be duped before we will learn? It's enough to send us all back to remedial handicapping school- and should be putting the KY breeders on notice to start breeding long instead of infirm, drug dependent quarter horse thoroughbreds and passing them off as classic racehorses. The Belmont Stakes is the truest of our so-called classic races, a one of a kind, and the toughest of all to win as so many have discovered. Those facts bring an aura to the Belmont that the KY Derby just can't match but you would never know it from the NYRA marketing dept. It's why I love the Belmont and think it is the clearly the greatest of the three Triple Crown races. NYRA needs to promote this crown jewel as something very special, every bit as important and colorful as the Derby; unfortunately,the ABC/ESPN coverage did not pay nearly enough attention to the history and tradition surrounding this race and Belmont Park. 's hictoric role in American racing. Where is NYRA's Col Matt Winn to tell the story?
gocashbaby More than 1 year ago
It looks good on Dutrow the mouthpiece now, doesn't it? Has their ever been a poorer winner in the history of the sport? Amazing how after this race the first thing Big Mouth had to say to reporters was "Don't even think about it". Personally, I cannot believe how many people on this website said they believed BB would beat Curlin. Give your collective heads a shake, people. Now, we'll never know anyways. As for anyone who bet BB at 1-5 with a quarter crack that size, you got what you paid for and deserved.
rawlawltd More than 1 year ago
Twasn't hubris that beat BB, was the GR+.
Diceman More than 1 year ago
Hi Steve, Kent is primarily responsible for BB's defeat! He had the perfect path on the rail but blew it! He got the Horse kicked by Da'Tara, went 7 wide on the 1st turn and chocked BB on the backside! Frankly, Kent's ride was so horrific their needs to be a complete investigation of betting patterns by BB's connections. The Belmont Stewards and other NYRA official should place Kent and BB's Trainer and Owners under oath! Without a complete and honest explanation, the Triple Crown and the Racing Industry has been set back 30 years! After expressing my critical views and opinions above, I have always admired Kent as a professional jockey and I wish Him and His Family the very best in the future! Kent, Good Luck and Good Health! God less your beautiful Family!
Justin More than 1 year ago
Kent D. said "At the 5/8 I asked him to go and he had no pop, he ran out of gas" So I wonder how did a horse who ran 2 realitively easy races get tired so quick? Did that bumping incident on the run to the turn take it all out him? The heat? The earlier bucking when switching stalls? How about the "It's not an issue" quarter crack. It's too bad he didn't win 94,000 plus has to stand in 90 plus degree heat for 6 plus hours. From a betting standpoint I used 4 other horses in my gimmicks and did not use Da' Tara. How could you?. Speed was good yesterday, but this horse has not finished a race since he broke his maiden in Florida. Good for Zito he broke loose in bad field and won. The big question here is do we see Big Brown again?