06/06/2009 10:09AM

Belmont Day


The sun is out and the skies are clearing, and the temperature's up to 67 degrees and rising. I'm off to the races with the following preliminary cheat sheet in hand. (I've always secretly wanted to be Sweep or Hermis for a day.) I reserve the right to change my mind and my grades after the influence of scratches, changes and several hours of fresh air.

I wish you all a great day of sport and wagering, and will be back tomorrow to recount it all.

gofor broke More than 1 year ago
That was a great card Saturday. And across the pond a son of the Arc winning mare Urban Sea won the Epson Derby. Urban Sea had another son win the Epsom Derby in 2001, Galileo. So she's quite a mare.
ponyman More than 1 year ago
Dunkirk,Me==secondites==Horseracing==you gotta love it= I do
Ryan More than 1 year ago
Claudia - Curlin, just two years ago.
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
It may have looked packed on TV, but this was the first time in my memory that entire sections of the grandstand seating area were virtually empty.
Paseana More than 1 year ago
Claudia, I believe the last horse to hit the board in all three TC races was Curlin in 2007. Third in the Derby, won the Preakness, and was second to Rags in the Belmont. Then we go back to what were three in a row from 2003, 2004 and 2005 with Funny Cide (Derby/Preakness first and Belmont third), Smarty Jones (Derby/Preakness first and Belmont second), and Afleet Alex (Derby third and Preakness/Belmont first)respectively.
Don Reed More than 1 year ago
Congratulations to Kent, who, I hope, reminded everyone that he's exactly the same jockey today that he was a year ago, when an amazing number of irate typists wanted to send him down to Gitmo - on the wrong side of the concertina wire - after Big Brown fizzed out. And same to Steve, with his exacta & triple box payoffs! Spend it unwisely. It's great for the sport that two of the winning Triple Crown trainers, Woolley & Ice, were - until they won - relative-to-complete unknowns. (It's not so great that a trainer can inherit a horse in between TC races & then, @ two weeks later, be standing next to the new owner in the winner's circle. That's like not returning a found wallet that has the owner's address in it.) What's the over/under tomorrow on the number of dopey "Ice" puns & "Whoops, Wrong Bird" birdbrain headlines? Luck didn't go my way, & I deserved none. I wouldn't have picked Summer Bird if the other nine horses had been scratched at the gate. Speaking of which, an amazing sight today at Monmouth: Tenth race, off the turf. Nine of the fourteen entries were scratched, leaving just six runners to duke it out. And at the gate, one more was sent home. Yet, inexplicably, nobody cared. $121,000 (at least) was heaved into the WPS pools of this hypnotically stupid & meaningless event. They're playing with the Madoff mattress money.
mike_costello More than 1 year ago
Another triumph for Sunland Park as the Sunland Oaks winner takes the Grade I Acorn! And while I'm on the topic of graded stakes, can we please see a Grade I for the Arkansas Derby already. With Summer Bird's win, six of the last 18 TC races were won by an Arkansas Derby participant. That number is HUGE when compared to the one for 18 of the Wood Memorial (Jazil), Santa Anita Derby (Giacomo), and Blue Grass (Street Sense).
david More than 1 year ago
of the four best performances in the stakes races yesterday, only one horse won. in the gamely, forever together is down in a bog that cost every other horse 15 lengths. discard whatever number she got. she's better than ever. in the belmont, the second and third horses expended so much energy between the half and quarter that the fact they were standing at the end was astounding. but by far the most amazing performance was by fabulous strike. he may be one of most underrated top sprinters of the last decade
Keith Longey More than 1 year ago
As Gary C and putting green post, ABC's continued policy of not telecasting the Manhatten Grade 1 Turf Race during their marathon 1&1/2 hour lead in to the Belmont Stakes running has been one of the most frustrating factors in home viewing of horseracing for years. The only reason I can see that they continue this policy is that they must believe that "uninformed" home viewers would watch that race, conclude it was the running of the Belmont, and turn off their sets before ABC got all those commercials in. How about stepping up, ABC...take a poll on your website and see how many viewers would prefer you to provide ALL of the racing in your two hour broadcast! Or better yet, live up to your motto, and just decide to change your policy and provide "all the best in sports!"
92LNeck More than 1 year ago
Steve: Thanks for your exotic betting methods. Hit the P4 ABAA. I burned a lot of money on Summer Bird in the Derby -- glad to get it all back and then some in the Belmont where i played him as a Strong A in the P4. Wish I had the bankroll to seriously consider the P6. I know I would have had Fabulous Strike which would have given me 5-5. Not sure I would have had Diamondrella...I can't say one way or the other as I did not look at that race. Staring at the WILLPAYs for the P6 made me sick to my stomach somewhat (484k for $1) thinking what could have been... Is anyone else surprised at the P4 pool of $2,243,069 ?