06/30/2010 2:03PM

Belmont: Beyer beware


  The temporary rail was set at 9 feet on the inner turf for the past couple of weeks, but it is set at 18 feet to begin the week.

  This may go a long way toward explaining the improbable fractions of race 4, a six-furlong sprint on the inner won by Acquired Cat ($6.90), who is now 5-1-0 from six starts in this optional claiming condition since claimed last year by Dominic Galluscio.

  In the running, Acquired Cat pressed the speedy Yo Karakorum through a first quarter posted as 24.41 seconds, wrested command through a half posted in 47.61 seconds, was challenged by Exonerated in midstretch after five-eighths posted in 58.31 seconds, and prevailed in 1:09.43.

  So the quarter splits are supposedly 24.41, 23.20 and 21.82. Based on the five-furlong time, the eighth splits for the last quarter are 10.70 and 11.12.

  The turf is rock hard, and Yo Karakorum runs 22-and-change opening quarters in her sleep.