10/21/2008 1:23AM

BC Fun Facts


Millionaire Did you know.....

*The 180 Breeders' Cup pre-entrants have combined to win 846 races from 2,237 career starts (37.8 percent) and $125,379,330. By Saturday night those totals will stand at 860 races and just about $150 million.

*Going in, there are already 35 millionaires, 11 of whom have earned $2 million or more:

Career Earnings

Curlin (Classic) -- $10,246,800

Better Talk Now (Turf) -- $4,216,664

Ginger Punch (Ladies' Classic) -- $3,065,603

Red Rocks (Turf) -- $2,807,821

Go Between (Classic) -- $2,783,880

Duke of Marmalade (Classic) -- $2,777,768

Kip DeVille (Mile) -- $2,715,614

Soldier of Fortune (Turf) -- $2,501,826

Hystericalady (Ladies' Classic) -- $2,340,356

Wait a While (F&M Turf) -- $2,181,917

Indian Blessing (F&M Sprint) -- $2,087,200

*Better Talk Now leads his 179 younger fellow pre-entrants not only in age but also in career starts and career victories:


9-Better Talk Now (Turf) 

8-Salute The Count (Turf Sprint)

8-Shakis (Mile)

7-Big Booster (Marathon)

7-Lord Admiral (Mile)

There are eight 6-year-olds including Jazzy (F&M Sprint), the oldest mare in this year's Cup.

Career Starts

47-Better Talk Now (Turf)

46-Big Booster (Marathon)

46-Lord Admiral (Mile)

44-Salute The Count (Turf Sprint)

35-Zappa (Marathon)

34-Add Heat (Marathon)

34-Spring House (Turf)

34-Shakis (Mile)

33-Jonesboro (Dirt Mile)

30-Student Council (Classic)

Career Victories

14-Better Talk Now (Turf)

12-Ginger Punch (Ladies' Classic)

12-Salute the Count (Turf Sprint)

12-Wait a While (F&M Turf)

12-Zappa (Marathon)

11-Bold Chieftain (Mile)

11-Curlin (Classic)

11-Dearest Trickski (F&M Sprint)

11-Hystericalady (Ladies' Classic)

11-Jonesboro (Dirt Mile)

11-Kip DeVille (Mile)

11-Mauralakana (F&M Turf)

If it sounds like I've had my head in the BC pp's for too long, it's because I have to file my 1-2-3 newspaper picks for all 14 races by 7 p.m. Tuesday. Then I'll start in on the $1 million Wednesday carryover at Belmont. Better get back to it. 

aldo_cella More than 1 year ago
Kind of a rough day for Trevor Denman yesterday: 1. He didn't notice Desert Code until the last 50 yards of the race. 2. He fell all over himself describing Curlin's move at the top of the stretch. 3. He didn't pick up Conduit until the last 50 yards.
kelso13 More than 1 year ago
Goforbroke, Regarding any track bias at Belmont this past weekend,I do not agree.It is true that on Saturday the first 4 dirt races were won by front runners and it was looking like a speed day.Then in the 8th race Ice Cool Kitty came from 7th by 8 lengths at the 1/2 to win and in the 10th race Stud Muffin came from 8th by 6 lengths to win.On Sunday there were only 4 races on dirt and that is too small a sample to conclude that there was a bias.Some years ago Dave Litfin did a study which indicated that in dirt races horses who were either 1st or 2nd at the pace call won about 65% of the time.So, on a typical 9 race card speed horses should win on average about 6 times.On Saturday they won 4 of 6 which is 66%.Not enough in my opinion to consider it a speed day.
Hammer More than 1 year ago
Maybe its the synthetic track or the status of my bankroll, but for some reason I am not as pumped up for this year's BC as I have been in the past. No pre-race buzz at all. Good luck to all, how about sharing some overlay picks. My two cents: play the Euros.
tbone More than 1 year ago
to anyone attending the Breeders Cup. I couldn't get a post up on the blue page and my flight goes out this afternoon and won't have access to the internet. I'll be at the races thurs. thru sun. cell phone- 360-286-6587. I look forward to meeting up with anyone else attending and comparing notes. I'm getting a late start this year as i haven't even looked at the form yet. good luck to everyone, tbone
hud More than 1 year ago
andyscoggin...your story and winning bet on Majestic Light brought back an old memory from Saratoga...was standing in the paddock (back when it was not enclosed, the horses were saddled under the trees, and the public could stand right up close to the trainers and owners)...right next to me was Ogden Phipps who was talking to his trainer...they were talking about Majestic Light running in a couple of days in Jersey and the trainer (can't remember if it was Neloy or Russell) said he should win and Mr. Phipps pulled out a roll of $100s and kept peeling them off and gave them to the trainer with the instuctions to bet it all to win on Majestic Light....must have been $2-3000...of course, maybe that was like a $2 bet for the rest of us, but i did find it interesting when the horse won a couple of days later...some other interesting stories from 'under the trees' when an observant listeners could overhear some good information...ah for the good old days!
ElAngelo More than 1 year ago
Don: what would someone like Todd Pletcher do at a split site Breeders Cup day, when he has top horses running in multiple races at different sites? That, and the jockeys being in two different places, are the biggest obstacles to a duel-site BC.
Sedonia More than 1 year ago
I'll add my 2-cents about this big Belmont p6 carryover...i think Rajiv, Alan Garcia and Samyn will have a little more than something to say about the outcome. Just a hunch. I'm still not playing it. To a bigger carryover tomorrow. Sedonia
C More than 1 year ago
Flip, The weights for the legends race was 126... 2 jocks were +2, another was +6... the rest were 126. It's not like Hawley's mount carried 112. I'm not sure why you keep mentioning his weight, unless you're implying something about being fit and in shape.
Bellmore Joe More than 1 year ago
I must be nuts but I like the concept of an impossible card for a Pick 6 carry over. It lets the little guy handicap the races and take a flyer by taking a position on each race on a small ticket while forcing people or groups who want to take advantage of having large bankrolls to go deep into that bankroll to do it. I am surprised that people feel the job of the racing secretary is to card a program on pick six carry over day that plays to the strength of these big bankroll guys. Should he card races no one will enter that will yield small feels to placate the purists. If you do not like the card bet another track.
Ray Manley More than 1 year ago
Regarding the racing secretary and the Belmont cards, if he doesn't have the horses available for a particular race what is he supposed to do? And if he doesn't have the purse money available what is he supposed to do? Perhaps you should complain to the governor and the New York State legislature about the quality of the racing cards. If the takeout were lowered, the betting handle would increase and so would the purses. If the purses were increased the racing secretary could write better races. And if the purses were increased more people would demand more horses and the racing secretary would have more horses available to make better races go.