10/27/2007 1:47PM

BC Day 2: The Pick Six Play


1:47 pm: Here's the $5,000 Pick Six play that Capital OTB is making on behalf of customers who registered for a promotion. I put in the same tickets for myself.

I kept it to seven tickets -- a $2,688 main and six backup tickets, one for each race. You have to pull the trigger someplace, so I singled Dylan Thomas on six of the seven tickets, making a single $960 backup ticket against him. It's not just that I think he's the likeliest winner in the sequence, but also that I don't have a strong opinion about a single alternative to him. If he tanks, someone silly could win and maybe we're all playing for 5-of-6, so I might as well spend the money elsewhere.

We can't die in the first leg, the F&M Turf, since I used 7 of the 11 runners on Ticket #1 and the other 4 on Ticket #2. So for the next hour, anything is possible. And I can't go 0-for-6.