10/27/2007 1:47PM

BC Day 2: The Pick Six Play


1:47 pm: Here's the $5,000 Pick Six play that Capital OTB is making on behalf of customers who registered for a promotion. I put in the same tickets for myself.

I kept it to seven tickets -- a $2,688 main and six backup tickets, one for each race. You have to pull the trigger someplace, so I singled Dylan Thomas on six of the seven tickets, making a single $960 backup ticket against him. It's not just that I think he's the likeliest winner in the sequence, but also that I don't have a strong opinion about a single alternative to him. If he tanks, someone silly could win and maybe we're all playing for 5-of-6, so I might as well spend the money elsewhere.

We can't die in the first leg, the F&M Turf, since I used 7 of the 11 runners on Ticket #1 and the other 4 on Ticket #2. So for the next hour, anything is possible. And I can't go 0-for-6.

ml/nj More than 1 year ago
Arrrgh! NJ Web Bet System crashed before the BC Mile. Readers of these notes will know that I favored Dutrow here.
ml/nj More than 1 year ago
Any comments on the TV program? I'm not sure how many of us want tearjeaker stories about some disabled kid. I know I would like more "rivalry" type presentations as were done on the early programs with "Muttonchop" (or whatever he called himself). Wouldn't Little Andy be great talking with someone who believes real races are run west of the Hudson River, or across the Atlantic Ocean? And the poor weather does have one blessing. I think it has spared us most of the silly moving cameras which show views of a race that only a bird could relate to.