11/09/2009 5:57PM

BC '09 Afternumbers


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures for the 14 Breeders' Cup races, along with last year's winners and figs and the highest ones recorded in each race since 1991:


The 10-point decline in Conduit's winning figure may seem counterintuitive for a repeat winner, but that's how the times came up. Conduit ran 2:23.42 last year and 2:23.75 this year -- 0.33 seconds slower on a quicker course -- while. for example, Goldikova ran 1.14 seconds faster (132.26 vs. 1:33.40) repeating in the Mile. Much as I admire Presious Passion, Conduit's beating him by half a length was probably a weaker performance than his daylight triumph of a year ago.

The only other grass race that went slower than a year ago was the Juvenile Turf (Pounced in 1:35.47 vs. Donativum in 1:34.68) but this seems due entirely to the bizarrely slow pace this time around -- 1:12.47 vs. 1:10.34 last year. This may be a good race in which to downgrade those nearest the slow pace and upgrade those who closed into it.

--Here are Saturday's commingled-only handle and pool totals, which declined about 6 percent with one fewer Cup race on the program. About a third of the decline, though, came simply from the gate scratch of Quality Road, which caused about $2.4 million in refunds.