05/06/2011 5:23PM

Arlington: We've got racing, people


Day 1 of 2011. Was supposed to be mostly sunny. Mostly cloudy. Low 60s, west wind (headwind in stretch) 10 - 15 mph.

Turf rail is 10 feet outside lane 5 - otherwise know as way out. Poly times have seemed about average three races in, with no apparent bias.

Favored Set in Stone was stopped ab-so-lute-ly cold the entire stretch run in race 2. Seriously - rider came past finish pole still with tight hold on reins. Tough Arlington intro for new trainer Tim Ice.

The two other favorites, both of the heavy type, came through. Helicopter won for the 17th time in three calendar years taking a $5K starter in race 1. Race scratched down to just four starters -- because Helicopter was in it.