08/13/2011 1:12PM

Arlington: Turf condition report


Since a big storm is bearing down from the west, I'd better post on turf conditions before they completely change.

Walked on the grass course at 10:45. Arlington is calling the inner turf firm and the outer good, but all the grass felt quite firm to me, even hard in places. To be fair, I didn't have time to go any farther than the homestretch, and I was told the turns are have more give than the straights. In any case, any horse preferring firm going would be well satisfied with the present conditions, but everything is subject to change in the next 15 minutes. Don't know how much rain is in this line of storms headed our way, but I don't see how AP dodges them.

One final note on the turf: The inside rail was cutting off a small strip of turf on the innermost part of the course, and that strip was opened up when the rail was moved out to lane 5 for the three G1 races today. Any horse racing on the inner course who can stick to the fence ought to have a significant advantage over those in the outside paths.