09/02/2011 5:32PM

Arlington: Sunny, hot, humid, speed on Polytrack


Halfway through a Friday card on a really sweltering afternoon/evening. There's a west wind (headwind stretch) about 10 mph. Mid 90s. Turf very firm.

We're up to race 6, and so far, all three Polytrack races have been won by the early leader. That mirrors the Thursday card, where Polytrack speed won the first three main-track races. The Poly front-runner then held second at 10-1 and third at 21-1, and by day's end the surface appeared to have evened out -- something to consider if you're going to get involved in any way with race 9 today, the only main-track race left on this card.

It's be hard to say the surface isn't promoting inside speed to some extent, but this is no killer speed bias. The early pace in the first two races today was slow, and none of the front-end winners today or yesterday didn't figure.