05/29/2010 4:38PM

Arlington: Really slow Poly splits (most of the time)


AP track announcer called out in apparent surprise during race 6 when Stormy Ballad led a $5K N3L claiming sprint through a half-mile sprint in 48 seconds and change. But why? The Poly-splits have been slow throughout the day, in part because of an east wind blowing into the horses as they run down the backtretch – but in part because, well, the Poly is slow. Its high 70s, low humidity, for all the Poly-weather coordinators out there.

Stormy Ballad, it should be said, led all the way in a procession-type race, so maybe the split was slow even for this track. Just-run race 7 had 47.80-something half-mile for $5K N1Y claimers going three-quarters, but closing Tatum Girl won this one. Three-quarters in 1:14.20-something? Yikes.

But how do we square the half-mile split in race 4, where 2-5 Prosico disputed a 45.49 before winning off in a $5K starter? Sure, Prosico is a faster animal than any of the other Poly-sprinters this day: It still doesn't make sense.