07/03/2011 2:04PM

Arlington: Inside bias long gone now


That rail bias that (seemingly) persisted for a couple weeks is long gone now.

Dr. Mick Peterson, a respected racing-surfaces consultant, is in town for a couple days and conducted measurements (ground-penetrating radar, etc) on the Polytrack yesterday. Peterson said he found no evidence that the inside was any different from the outside, just as had been the case when he analyzed the Poly in May. But there is no data on the all-weather between early May and early July, during which the long-term bias appeared to both rise and fall. There's nothing scientific saying the fence was the place to be most days for a few weeks, but I'm not swayed that what we were seeing was a mirage.

In any case, the seeming superiority of inside paths disappeared one week ago, on Sunday, June 26, and has not been seen since.

Today's conditions: Partly cloudy, 81 degrees, east wind (tail in stretch) 5-12 mph. Turf firm, rail in lane 1.