06/24/2008 2:46AM

Arc Fillies? Beyers, 'Cappers, more


Here are the winning Beyer Speed Figures from last week's stakes races:

*Scotts Highlander (WO):  Heros Reward (D. Capuano/J. Castellano) - 102
*Charles Town Dash (CT):  Joey P. (B. Perkins Jr./T. Dunkelberger) - 102

*Vincent A. Moscarelli Memorial (Del): Fabulous Strike (T. Beattie/R. Dominguez) - 101
*Temperence Hill (LaD):  Greeley's Conquest (G. Thomas/Q. Hamilton) - 100
*New York (Bel):  Mauralakana - Fr (C. Clement/K. Desormeaux) - 100

*Sambacarioca (Crc):  Annabill (M. Wolfson/J. Santiago) - 98
*All Along (Cnl):  Lady Digby (H. Motion/J. Rose) - 97
*Yankee Victor (Bel):  Merchant Marine (H. Jerkens/C. Velasquez) - 97
*Singspiel (WO):  Mission Approved (G. Contessa/R. Dominguez) - 97
*Lord Juban (Crc):  Thunder Louie (E. Plesa Jr./J. Leyva) - 97
*Mike Lee (Bel):  Tin Cup Chalice (M. Lecesse/P. Rodriguez) - 97
*Presidentialaffair (PID):  Whistle Pig (A. Carter/E. King Jr.) - 96
*Black Tie Affair (AP):  Gentleman Chester (R. Nicks/J. Campbell) - 95
*Work the Crowd (GG):  Bellsblade (S. Miyadi/C. Martinez) - 94
*Academy Award (Bel):  Distorted Reality (T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez) - 94
*Colonial Turf Cup (Cnl):  Sailor's Cap (J. Toner/A. Garcia) - 93
*Buckland (Cnl):  Smart and Fancy (A. Dutrow/E. Prado) - 93
*Hill 'n' Dale Farms (WO):  Bear Now (R. Baker/J. Baird) - 92
*Blue Sparkler (Mth):  Coli Bear (B. Levine/J. Lezcano) - 92
*Red Legend (CT):  Devereux (S. Asmussen/L. Sterling Jr.) - 92
*White Oak (AP):  Mighty Rule (C. Janks/J. Graham) - 92
*Queen's Plate (WO):  Not Bourbon (R. Attfield/J. Jones) - 92
*Cinema (Hol):  Tiz West (R. Mandella/V. Espinoza) - 92
*Golden Sylvia (Mnr):  Adhrhythm (M. Scherer/R. Feliciano) - 91
*Dearly Precious (Mth):  J Z Warrior (W. Mott/J. Bravo) - 91
*Eight Thirty (Del):  Wheels Up At Noon (P. Fout/J. Rose) - 91
*Cozy Lace (PID):  Extra Sexy Psychic (M. Trombetta/K. Carmouche) - 90
*Les Mackin (Yav):  Nosir (J. Guerra/V. Guerra) - 90
*Tattling (WO):  Tell It as It Is (J. Smith/E. Wilson) - 90

*Charlie Barley (WO):  Marlang (D. England/R. Dos Ramos) - 89
*Little Treasure (LaD):  Love to Tell (M. Burgess/L. Taylor) - 88
*Old Nelson (Cnl):  Midwatch (R. Jenkins/J. Castellano) - 88
*Springfield (AP):  Amazing Results (C. Block/R. Douglas) - 87
*Possibly Perfect (AP):  Barbette (S. Hobby/R. Douglas) - 87
*Anderson Fowler (Mth):  Chitoz (T. Pletcher/J. Bravo) - 87
*Pair of Deuces (LaD):  Lone Star Special (D. Pish/Q. Hamilton) - 86
*J. William (Bill) Petro Memorial (Tdn):  Pay the Man (M. Feliciano/A. Ramgeet) - 86
*Malvern Rose (PID):  Mac N Mayo (J. Rogers/S. Spieth) - 85
*Isaac Murphy (AP):  Magnetic Miss (J. Broussard/E. Fires) - 84
*West Virginia Sprint Derby (CT):  So So (J. McKee/P. Nicol Jr.) - 84
*Free Spirits (Rui):  Going Wild (B. Hone/A. Castanon) - 82
*Journal (NP):  Inuit Fisher (D. Saunders/Q. Welch) - 82
*Lincoln Heritage (AP):  Lady Lionel (M. Yanez/J. Alvarado) - 82
*CTHS Sales (Hst):  Dancing Allstar (T. Jordan/M. Gutierrez) - 81
*Willy Wank (PID):  Delaware River (W. Campbell/R. Fogelsonger) - 80

*Dr. O. G. Fischer Memorial (SRP):  Goodbye Norma Jean (H. Dominguez/A. Martinez) - 79
*CTHS Sales (Hst):  Star Prospector (T. Jordan/M. Gutierrez) - 78
*Irish Day (EmD):  Enumclaw Girl (R. Simkins/G. Mitchell) - 77
*Harry Jeffrey (AsD):  Best Westerner (J. Ness/A. Cuthbertson) - 76
*Lady Charles Town (CT):  Grand Obsession (E. Kenneally/J. Castanon) - 76
*Lil E. Tee (PID):  Double Down Vinman (A. Dutrow/K. Carmouche) - 75
*Purple Violet (AP):  Apple Martini (C. Block/R. Douglas) - 73
*Aztec Oaks (SRP):  Askmetodance (H. Ashford Jr./A. Martinez) - 73
*Northbound Pride (Cby):  Three Graces (R. Scherer/P. Nolan) - 73
*Susan B. Anthony (Yav):  Little Shimmer (T. Bartol/D. Collins) - 72
*Coin Collector (CT):  Henry the Lover (J. Casey/T. Dunkelberger) - 71
*Aspen (ArP):  Brahms Haze (K. Gleason/M. Ziegler) - 70

*Lost in the Fog (GG):  Maidens Justice (G. Matos/J. Ochoa) - 66
*Saskatoon (MD):  Standoff (M. Taphorn/A. Wright) - 63

*State Fair Derby (Lnn):  City Slicker (K. Clark/B. Butler) - 57
*M D  Ambulance (MD):  Dorothy Hazel (W. Anderson/V. McBean) - 56
*C. O. Ken Kendrick Memorial (SRP):  Leading Moves (D. Duree/Q. Bui) - 54

*Hazel Wright Sire (AsD):  Blueberry Blonde (L. Gray/J. Stianson) - 35

*Ruidoso Thoroughbred Sale Futurity (Rui):  High Ridge Runner (J. Claridge/M. Villa) - 33

Here are the pp's for the high and low Beyer runners:

Download HeroJoeRidge.pdf


Handicappers of the Week:

*larryk - Mr. Katz  ($19.20, Exacta Box - $41.10 for $1), Tiz West ($8.00).  Plus, larryk mentioned four horses in the fifth at Hollywood on Saturday.  A trifecta box would have netted $4,778,80 for $1 wager.

*johnny z had Honolulu (7/4 odds at Ascot), Sailor's Cap ($9.20, $103.70 Pick 3 for $1), Lady Digby ($10.20), Smart and Fancy ($5.20), Not Bourbon ($11.30)

*Steve T./Dr. Derango - Cathrine's Hope ($17.20), Zetterbug ($7.60, cold Trifecta - $26.90 for $1), Rasgado ($9.40), Wendoffer ($6.80)

*cayman01 - Tin Cup Chalice ($11.00)

*James Mc - Lady Digby ($10.20), Evenings End ($3.20, $15.20 Exacta for $2)|

*PGM - Free Agent (7/2 odds at Ascot), Mauralakana ($3.30)

*JZ - Transit of Venus ($5.70)


Hi Dan,
Any chance you could give me Erdiston's last Beyer from his win on June 12th (7th race)
Stephen Taylor

Erdiston received a 78 Beyer for his $50,000 claiming win at Arlington on June 12.


As for Flying First Class, he just won a race the other day at 6 furlongs- if I am not mistaken.

Nope.  Flying First Class hasn't run since last year's Preakness, and hasn't worked since May 29, 2007.  BTW, it's nice to see you back on the blog, and hope everything goes well with your father.


Stuck on the outside of a 4 1/2 furlong race (although it has not been as pronounced as last year, you still have to be good to win from beyond the fourth post position in one of these baby races at AP - they just start so close to the turn), there was never a doubt that Desert Party was going to win. I signled him in the first position in a 10 cent superfecta that returned $16 for my $3 bet. That likely is the only way anyone will be able to make any money on him in the future as I am sure he earned a good figure (anyone know what it was?) and will be at low odds the nest time.

Desert Party earned a 72 Beyer for his career debut at Arlington.  He sold for $425,000 as a Keeneland September yearling before being purchased by Darley for $2,100,000 earlier this year, and is a half-brother to stakes-winner Elliecat (190K in earnings).

Talk to you soon,


william claridge More than 1 year ago
Can anyone help me please, my grand father was a jockey, won races in France. I would like to know from any who know the way about getting the racing info about my grand father when in the racing game, he was at newmarket, then epsom. If you can help thank you very much,
svhill More than 1 year ago
The mainstream media and the general public are the ones who pushed for these Congressional hearings. For those who believe that Congressional hearings and oversight will clean up the sport, think again! Their real purpose is to put an end to the tragic deaths of thousands of thoroughbreds each year- some figure that Congress trotted out the other day. While the media likely wants the sport cleaned up from the drug problems, the public simply does not want to see another horse put down with a broken leg on the track. It is a PR nightmare, especially when its a filly. Ask Larry Jones if he understands why Mike Matz and Barbaro got toms of fan mail encouraging recovery, while 1 out of every 2 letters Larry gets calls him a murderer, animal hater, greedy, and on and on...Its the fact that Eight Belles was put down before a live national audience after running her heart out for 2nd infuriated the general public. The public and media do not care why she was put down, or that she was suffering. The public of a huge national event is not supposed to see somwthing like that. Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that the same ones here that are pushing for federal oversight and reform will be shocked by how the industry is ambushed after this really gets going? Get a load of this US News reporter and her outrage at racing. She believes Barbaro was "slaughtered" and Eight Belles was murdered. Here is a paragraph of the editorial from US News by Bonnie Erbe: Thoroughbred racing and other equine sports have produced a number of well-publicized recent tragedies, which is why Congress is finally starting to take reform seriously. The list began with Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro being "euthanized" after shattering his leg at the 2006 Preakness, the second event in racing's Triple Crown. I put "euthanized" in quotes because "slaughter" is more apropos. Then this year's Derby second-finisher, Eight Belles, shattered her leg and was destroyed while a horrified live TV audience looked on." Here is the link. Its about ending race day breakdowns and the pratice of putting down any horse who is not running. This lady knows nothing about this game,yet she is instrumental in how she can influence thousands. http://www.usnews.com/blogs/erbe/2008/6/25/ed-whitfield-equestrian-hero.html
Van Savant More than 1 year ago
Shoeless Joe; You are correct regarding vicstu and this year's Belmont Stakes. That said, you seem to forget vicstu and last year's Belmont Stakes (Hard Spun). This is nothing new. It is simply vicstu. Thank God (whoops!) for vicstu and his passion. I love and apprciate it. Passion is a primary driver in this game, as is profit, and the witness to beauty. Everytime, and I mean everytime that vicstu becomes passionate about something on this blog, I take note, because I know that I am going to learn something new, glean something new, or witness the kind of passion that makes this the greatest game in the world. I doubt that you will offend him. I love your posts as well, because they contain the same type of passion. Man, passion is a wonderful thing, no? Van Savant
larryk More than 1 year ago
Amen VanSavant with Vicstu's Passion. It is a wonderfurl thing.
Scott More than 1 year ago
Thanks, Larry! Like Mojo said, hate to win that way.
matt smith More than 1 year ago
dan---or anyone blog wise---i just read the article o the summit of speed---always a great day betting, but can we bet it of we don't live in florida---when will this problem be fixed--i mean i'm no economist, but it seems pretty simple---the more bets that are taken, the more money the track can takeout and the more money they make--anyway---what a dummy jeremy rose is---he was just getting his due --he has been riding great and traveling for motion--although hopefully this will give a shot to rosie n or one of the other gifted riders at de park
MudhoundMojo More than 1 year ago
I am sure I am missing something, but, Big Brown's dislodged shoe and the aftermath just doesn't pass the smell test too me. Everyone and their brother connected to the horse was investigating what could have gone wrong. How is it that no one noticed the loose shoe right after the race? Even if the shoe had reinserted itself into BB's hoof by BB running and walking on it, there should have been some evidence to suggest this. Wouldn't a vet or whoever shoes the horse ( let alone the dozens of people who must have been studying BB after the Belmont ) notice it immediately while inspecting the horse and its hooves. At the very least upon reshoeing ( unless they haven't applied new shoes, which seems odd, considering the picture, it would stand too reason it was a loose fit afterward, even if it reattached itself ). I know they used the different shoes on two of his feet ( glued on ), so I guess it was one of the other feet that had the shoe problem. I don't have any answers, but, for such a valuable horse with multimillions of dollars on the line for a TC winner, it seems like a rather lackadaisical approach to figure out what could have been the problem. Wouldn't a horse with a quarter crack going into the race get special attention paid too its feet in the aftermath. I don't know if I can believe this entire story. Somethings fishy in Denmark.
RocEnite More than 1 year ago
Heading to the otb tomorrow (thursday)I would sure like to read some pics or suggestions for tomorrow.Some truly good handicappers here. Thanks rocEnite
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Boy, does racing need another black eye? Haven't been able to read everyone's post, just the headline story on BloodHorse. I met Jeremy Rose @ Oaklawn in 05, and this is just not SOP, for him. While unjustified, up front I feel Mr Wayne is just playing to the unknowledged press, and the overall public perception of racing. Again, I may be wrong as I haven't had time to look at the replays, and read others thoughts. Will follow up when I know more facts. Hollywood tomorrow, while there is a carry over, it is not that huge. I will make a small P/6 bet, but my main focus will be on the P/4. The win there will be much better than the P/6 conso, IMO. Two P/4 tickets: 5th: #1 One Of The House, #3 Toasted, #4 Kewen, #6 Ocean Grand. 6th: #1 Wild McDreame, #4 Twin Turbo, #5 The Unclean Sprit, & #8 Taint That Cat. 7th: #8 Afleet Ruler 8th: #1 Lippy Rules, #2 Winnindancer, #4 Veranda Cafe (My pick to win), #7 Candilejas, #10 Brewba Baby. 2nd ticket: 5th #1, #4, #5, & #8 6th #1, #5 7th #3 Guts, #5 Encactment 8th #1,#2,#4,&.#10 Both $80.00 tickets. Will play a couple cheap pick 6, unsure at this time of numbers, but if AE #12 Albacor Bob gets in the 4th he will be a single in a pick 6. Got to run, good luck to all.
Ed More than 1 year ago
I found the answer to my own question. Big Brown only used the glue on shoes in the front. Ed