12/11/2010 4:23PM

Aqueduct: Three fatalities on the day


Due obviously to the shutdown of New York City OTB there is a larger-than-normal crowd at Aqueduct today. Unfortunately, they were witness to three fatalities, though they were unaware of the first two.

 Ramsgate, who finished second in the first, fell after the race. He was vanned off, but later was diagnosed with an injured ankle and there was too much damage to be saved. Great Emperor, who finished last in the fourth race, suffered a slab fracture to his right knee and though he was vanned off alive, he was eventually euthanized.

 In the fifth, Rum Row dumped his rider and got loose, ran to the gap where the water trucks and tractors were, slid and suffered a fractured radius. He was euthanized on track.

Hopefully, the last three races go without incident.