01/20/2011 2:48PM

Aqueduct: Iguazu runs off like Forest Gump


Iguazu broke through the starting gate prior to the start of the third race and ran off and was scratched. But the fun was just beginning.

Iguazu ran the right way around the track, eluded two outriders, altered course, and alluded the outriders again. Iguazu then ran as if he was going back to the paddock and crashed through the temporary railing that keeps leads from the outer track to the inner track. Iguazu was on the outer track where two temporary rails were supposedly set up following the death of another horse last year to keep horses from running free on the main track. However, part of the rail was missing and Iguazu ran through and galloped along on the snowy, slushy outer track before running off the gap and into the barn area before being apprehended at barn 7.

 Aside from being gassed, Iguazu is believed to be alright.

 Of course, the rails on the outer track have since been closed. Why there was an opening in the first place is anybody's guess.