01/28/2011 3:43PM

Aqueduct: How can you bet this race?


There are 6 minutes to post for the sixth race and I'm still trying to figure out how anyone can bet this race. There are 3 horses in this field whose odds last time they ran together were 113-1, 121-1 and 141-1. No More Taxes, 141-1 last time, is 10-1. 10-1!!!!! Mugger Hugger, 121-1 last out is 23-1 and Amplify, 113-1 last out is 41-1.

 Not too long ago, these horses wouldn't even have been allowed on the grounds, no less make up three-eighths of the field in a race where they allow wagering.

 On paper, there were only three horses in the field that could win this race. With the scratch of Digital Joe, there are now only two. And one of them is Neversaywhen, a horse that is 0 for 12, and he is 4-5.

  As much as I hate shoveling snow, a few more blizzards may be welcome.