12/04/2010 5:04PM

Aloha Zenyatta


The next time Big Mama makes a splash should be the spring of 2012 when she's got her first foal by her side. Save the day. In the meantime, take or leave this opportunity to say goodbye to one of the mostest hosses of a lifetime, and figure that Dylan was singing about her when he wrote the last part of "Eternal Circle" --

As the tune finally folded/

I laid down the guitar/

Then looked for the girl/

Who'd stayed for so long/

But her shadow was missin'/

For all of my searchin'/

So I picked up my guitar/

And began the next song

Winner More than 1 year ago
I just read Andy Beyer's article on who should be Horse of the Year. Once again as were his predictions that Zenyatta would be buried in the Classic the past two years........he is wrong. No wonder his "figs" are completely useless to accomplished handicappers and are almost point to losing horses. Oh well, we need people who lose their money so we can win more.......LOL. Merry Christmas!!
kram More than 1 year ago
Paul Nap So much nonsense one hardly knows where to begin. In his loss against Onion (a loss he avenged in the Marlboro cup) Secretariat never had the lead. Check it out on you tube. Small but important point. If you can't get a point as small as that correct I guess referring to Haynesworth as she is no big deal. You go on to ask "why do you equate greatness by time?" If someone who considers himself a fan of horseracing doesn't quite understand the significance of running 6f in 1:09:4 and then continuing on to finish a mile and a half in 2:24 he should find another sport to follow.
kram More than 1 year ago
Curt My Friend, As usual your comments are insightful and right on the money....and then you must have dipped into the Holiday eggnog and gotten ubriaco. Seattle Slew the best of all time? My friend in your heart of hearts you know that title belongs to Secretariat. You and I have had this running debate for a while now, but I think we could agree the title doesn't belong to Zen. Hey, maybe Peppers Pride- she NEVER lost a race. Have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year filled with winning tickets. And not too many cannoli's.
Guytrembly More than 1 year ago
thanks jay . Cool song . I'm so thankful for Zenyatta's contributions to horse racing. this doesn't make her horse of the year. but it should not disqualify her either. i strongly disagree with those who feel that ONLY head to head competition should be the main/only determining factor in HOY voting. I recommend jon white's article on the HRTV website about precedent and historical context for the Queen being the King. for those who disagree your certainly entitled... and might i suggest another dylan song for you....IDIOT WIND! btw, id love to see zenyatta pasture bred to blame ......that way all the people like me with strong "irrational" west coast bias can take a picture with zenyatta ahead of blame by a neck
Todd Bjerstedt More than 1 year ago
One variable that many of the so called experts are missing is that Zenyatta is Female. Obviously the best Female of 2010. Previously the Horse of the Year could go to outstanding 2yo, 3yo, or Female Divisional Champion. You don't have to beat the best Older Male Horse of the Year to have the best season of any thoroughbred. Please look at the History of HOY and quit redefining the variables each year. For any horse to step outside of her division, track surface, weather and time zone and do that spectacular is just amazing. Other denial points from the Zenyatta doubters 2010 Breeders cup classic meant everything regardless of track surface and gender. 2008 (Curlin's 4th) and 2009 (Zenyatta's 1st) meant nothing for HOY. Depends on the year I guess? Dirt to synthetic is a valid excuse? 2009 BC analysis Synthetic to Dirt has zero weight? 2010 BC analysis Imagine if this logic was applied at this level for Football and Golf. I guess your hometown team or athlete would always be the best as you can change the weighted variables year to year. West Coasters need to travel East but East Coasters don't need to travel West (Ca)? I'm not even from the West coast and I see these Biased claims from a few East coasters. Zenyatta runs outside her synthetic (so called comfort zone), but Blame does not have to run outside of his dirt preference? Seems one sided to me. Zenyatta won 5 Grade I's and Blame 4. Blame's mulligan was a butt kicking, Zenyatta's non-mulligan was extremely impressive. Rationally speaking, I believe Zenyatta is an an overall better horse and rationally speaking she definitely had the better HOY campaign.
jerseyjoeb More than 1 year ago
Andy Beyer's current column sets forth a lucid, logical, objective explanation of why Blame is Horse of the Year.
C More than 1 year ago
I love how the "east-coast bias" only applies to the horses, who mostly "represent" Kentucky anyway, but not to the human connections. It's time for everyone buying into the east-coast bias garbage to get their facts straight before hyping up the most ridiculous and unfounded conspiracy theory I've ever heard. Jess Jackson is not from the east... he's from California, people! And Jerry Moss is from the Bronx... that's a part of New York City, in case you don't know. Hellooooo?
Del More than 1 year ago
The only reason Zenyatta did not win the Cup is because she had a wall of mediocre dirt horses that were backing up on their own preferred surface. Even Lookin at Lucky was better than most of those scrub horses. So Blame won with the mob blocking for him. Blame won with a lot of help. It was a team effort. That's the main consideration to make in the Horse of the Year vote.
Del More than 1 year ago
I vote for Zenyatta because of her versatility. She is great on synthetic and dirt. No other horse can boast the same. Blame would fall apart on synthetic. Garrett Gomez would tell you the same.
KR More than 1 year ago
i dont think it really matters rather or not Blame ran on synthethic but just as Rachel Alexander did he ran at several different tracks at different distances in different states its to be horse of the when the majority of your wins were in the same state against lesser quality than Blame and then lose to Blame head to head The only way you can vote for Zenyatta is if you vote with your heart and not your brain its not fair to Blame he did nothing wrong his campaign was a lot better when you look at the competition
Del More than 1 year ago
The Classic was not a head to head competition. Blame was helped by a mob of mediocre dirt horses that played interference for Blame. Zenyatta had to dodge those horses like a running back skirting the defensive line.
Del More than 1 year ago
I think it does matter that a horse can run as well on synthetic as it does on dirt. To me, it adds integrity to the animal. Like Zenyatta. If she were only able to close on synthetic, I couldn't vote for her. But she did her thing at Kentucky like clockwork. Blame, if he were to try the pressing style on synthetic, he'd never beat the mare.
Jonni Mae More than 1 year ago
Did Curlin Win a Popularity Contest . He got passed by Two Three Year olds in the stretch. and Tiago was one step from passing him for third
Curt V. More than 1 year ago
Whoa!!! Before all you Zennies get your panties in a bunch, let's go back to 1978. Okay !! Affirmed got his head handed to him by Seattle Slew. In 2 head to head matchups, the Slewster beat the other Triple Crown winner by a combined 19 lengths in the same year, & may I say he did it on the track. Seattle Slew's 2 losses totaled Millimeters, to Champions. Less than Z's solo defeat. & Zenyatta didn't even win the race. So, I'll tell you what...when they decide to give back the '78 HOY, to it's rightful owner, the Greatest Racehorse of all time, bar none, SEATTLE SLEW, then maybe, & I mean maybe, I'll consider giving one to Z, even though as you people say, lost to a mediocre, at best Blame. Nobody will confuse Affirmed, with those souped up tomato cans, that she barely beat on Plastic.......& remember, you didn't even win the race.........so give it back, & give it back NOW............bunch of West Coast Cry Babies........& I'll go out on limb here, & say the Greatest Female Jockey of all time, Julie Krone, concurs...Go ahead Jay, ask her.......She knows a little bit about horse racing, No ? She walked the walk.........