05/01/2010 11:12AM

All the Roses


Rain or shine, there is nothing like the Kentucky Derby. The only thing certain is that today's winner will get real wet, but it will be worth it to join these three and the other 132 engraved into American racing history. Everybody enjoy.


Barbaro & Matz 

Giacomo laugh

dogs up More than 1 year ago
Rachel needs Goggles. Trip handicap her last two and she turns her head to the right at the top of the stretch to get a gapping view of the winner to her outside of both races. Head not straight-on, as this philly shifts her body to her right toward her outside opponent for a look-see. Maybe it's been too lonesome at the top (of the stretch). Maybe she is bored with running against the pitiful phillies and needs to return to beating the boys. Watching the rewinds tells me she doesn't have her mind on business. It's not Borel making her head go to the right and moving out toward the horse to her right. Goggles next time. Might even get a price at even money.
MDCrabscake More than 1 year ago
Baltimore,Md... there were Blackeyes- (but no}SUSANS... Winter 96'..On the Beltway...The MD Trooper Just pulled over..two horseracing fans.. Officer: Yah knows why...(?). Driver: Yes , Sir Officer : May I see yah ID please.. The passenger's whispering..That's crazy bro..we're gonna missed the pix 4's... .Driver.. yah shut..yah better working ons the late daily D... ..moment later... Please, may yah steps out of the vehicle... The driver: Would yah ..steps ins ...much warmer in here sir,, the passenger' ..It's a damn cold out there bro..
hialeah More than 1 year ago
Nice pics (as we kill time awaiting, "faraway") If ever a photo said, "Put all ya money on me sucker, I'm goin'ta win dis race!", it's that top one of Smarty. lol