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Affectionately, questions


Glad you enjoyed watching our big day at Portland Meadows.  It was a huge success and what an effort from old Mystacallie!!   But the bad part was......she got claimed!! somebody claimed the People's Horse!!
Jason Beem

Just want to pass along that while Mystacallie was claimed out of her most recent start, she remains the People's Horse!



I am thinking of entering the handigambling one of these days.  Can anyone enter ?  I am a very small time player but I love the game.
Dick W

Dick W 
Regarding Handigambling:
The handigambling exercise is every Wednesday. The race is picked by whoever won the previous week.
The person picks the race and Dan provides us with the PP's, right on here. Then you just make your picks with a mythical $100. Everything is done right here on this site, and there is no registering or anything.
You just type in the bets you would make with $100 to spend.
That's it. Nice and easy to play.
Join us next week!


Doesn't a win in the GI Lane's End Futurity and a close 2nd in the GI BCJ to the likely Champion trump a win, however impressive, in the GII Remsen?

It did for me as I made Square Eddie the third choice behind Midshipman and Vineyard Haven for champion 2-year-old.  I hope it wasn't the dreaded synthetic bias coupled with the Old Fashioned hype that propelled him to the final vote.


As far as I know, the only way you can tell is that there is no claiming price next to their name in the PP's.
Any plans to put some kind on symbol or the word "waiver" where the claiming price should be??
Steve T.

In the case of a $25,000 waiver maiden claimer, the horse's class line in the past performance should read like this:

Md 25000-w


Steve T, Did you read the article about how Unusual Heat is kicking butt? It was on main DRF under Breeding. It's gone now so you'd have to go to More Breeding. And to think YOU discovered him! LOL



Federico Tesio said that in order to produce a great horse it is necessary to study the racing record of its first 62 ancestors and he studied the records of hundreds of thousands of thoroughbreds.
Is there anywhere an ordinary student of pedigrees, such as myself, can find that information without paying a fortune to acquire it?
Calvin Carter

I don't know about 62 ancestors, but the American Produce Records CD-ROM from BRIS goes back many, many, generations.


Several years ago there was a thoroughbred that looked exactly like a paint - I think his/her name was Tri Chrome. What "official" color designation did they give him/her?
Steve T.

Tri Chrome, an Arizona-bred foal of 1991 by Blue Gazi - Miss Joslin, by Reward Lloyd, was trained by Jack Van Berg, won his maiden at Hollywood Park, and was officially a "bay."


I'm handicapping HG116 and came upon Song Shan, who has quite an interesting pedigree. He is by Golden Missile out of Primal Force, making him HB to Awesome Again (1994) and Macho Uno (1998).  Primal Force had a great start as a broodmare (Awesome Again and Macho Uno were her 2nd and 3rd foals) - however, she has had mucho opportunities since Macho to repeat her 2000 Broodmare of the Year success with these results (according to DRF Sibling Summary):
1999 Just Awesome (m) by Siphon 4-1-0-0 $8850 BSF70
2000 Dancing Pearl (m) by Touch Gold trained but unraced
2001 Grandiosa (m) by El Prado trained but unraced
2002 Adoringly (m) by Silver charm trained but unraced
2004 Song Shan....
2005 Golden Dynasty (c) by Touch Gold 3-0-1-0 $5916 BSF75
2006 Golden Venus (f) by Storm Cat trained but unraced
Song Shan had some decent success in Florida last year after changing to dirt, until he was laid up after finishing 3rd in April (Song Shan hit the gate at the start of the race, but I couldn't find any report of an injury leading to the long layoff.)  He's been the only foal since Macho Uno who even resembles a respectable race horse. My question to you is: Do you believe that broodmare success goes in cycles and that later progeny often don't have the success of the early foals?  Look at Weekend Surprise as an example.  Natalma had Northern Dancer at age 4 while Somethingroyal had Secretariat when she was 18....

It's impossible to say with any amount of certainty if broodmare success is cyclical.  I guess it's possible that some mares lose "it" when they get older, but in this case, I'm thinking that Awesome Again and Macho Uno were products of a magical match of sire and dam.  I'd be fascinated to see what would have happened if there was a subsequent Deputy Minister or Holy Bull foal out of Primal Force, but the breeder decided not to go that route.


Can someone from the pedigree side please tell me the status of Kitten's Joy as a sire?
Also, what happens when a sire has no success? Like Ten Most Wanted, for example, or Sarava? Is that it for them? Where do they go if the stud career goes south?
Any examples of coming back to the track at 8 or something?
I think TMW could still do it! I think he could probably run an 89 Beyer right now, in fact.

Kitten's Joy stands for a $20,000 stud fee at Ramsey Farm in Kentucky.  His first foals will race this year.  Here is his webpage from Ramsey Farm:


Like older racehorses dropping in class in search for their winning level, stallions that don't achieve immediate success at stud (like Ten Most Wanted) are usually shuttled around the country searching for the right fit in a regional breeding program.  Ten Most Wanted was in New York, now he's in California.  We see Kentucky stallion shipped to New York, Pennsylvania, and California all the time.  When a horse goes to Kentucky, it's the equivalent of being called up to the major leagues after toiling in Triple-A.
An example of a horse returning from stud to resume a racing career is Proud Tower Too.  He is currently on our Disabled List, but he did breed about 20 mares before being sent back to trainer Sal Gonzalez. Proud Tower Too, 7, last raced when the runner-up in the San Carlos Handicap on February 17, 2007, and last worked on December 26, 2008.  Most of the time, horses aren't going to respond well to switching back from farm life.


Did I read this right?NOTONTHESAMEPAGE is on the deleted list for 09'?What the hec happened,he was going to be my horse of the year to watch.Also,WHY TONTO he was on my watch last year,I see he is still on the injury list but they have been breezing him the last two weeks.Im hoping for a comeback!Dont know where to go or who to ask about these guys.

Our Disabled List is broken down into several categories:

*Disabled Horse - These are the horses with reported injuries or illnesses that have sent them to the sidelines.  They will be removed from the list once they race.

*Deletions - 2009 - These are the horses that returned from the Disabled List to run in 2009.  If you check the list, you'll see that Notonthesamepage had a problem with his epiglottis (probably had a myectomy surgery), returned to the race, and won the Spectacular Bid Stakes at Gulfstream.  A deletion means the horse is off the Disabled List, and is presumably healthy.

*Deletions - 2008 - Horses that returned from injury to race in 2008

*Retired - 2008/09 - Horses that were retired, and where they're heading.

*Deceased - 2008/09 - Active racehorses that passed away, and the reason for their demise.

In the case of Why Tonto (wrenched left front ankle), he is working for his return (last work on the DL page was yesterday morning).  He will be removed once he starts in a race.  You can follow the progress of all Disabled List horses by their "Last Activity" tab.

Speaking of the Disabled List, here are some upcoming entries:

*Saint Daimon (heat reaction, last raced 6/7/08) - entered in $50,000 optional claimer at Aqueduct on Saturday.

*Empressive Lady (illness, last raced 9/27/08) - entered in the Grade 2 Santa Ynez Stakes at Santa Anita on Saturday.

*Silver City (foot, last raced 11/29/08) - entered in the Dixieland Stakes at Woodbine on Friday.

*Fierce Wind (bled, fluid in lungs, last raced 3/29/08) - entered in a handicap at Tampa Bay Downs on Thursday.


Did anyone else see race 9 at Aqueduct Wed? Claiming 7500 and Kamboo Man posted a 108 beyer last time out. Bounce? Hardly, as he wired the field. Any beyer info on Kamboo Man, Dan?
Tom D.

Kamboo Man, a five-year-old Yonaguska gelding trained by Gregory DiPrima, earned a 91 Beyer for his repeat win.  He was claimed out of the race by trainer Peter Chin.


Talk to you soon,



Van Savant More than 1 year ago
PGM; My Institute For Bad Mathematics is soon to become legendary! The real scary part is that while my math is clearly bad (by our standards here), the errors that do occur in my work are always found, corrected, and forgotten. Forgotten is probably not the best term, rather, accepted. It is the nature of analysis. Quality Assurance and Quality Control do matter, indeed. That's what's so nice about being here. I can be wrong repeatedly, and actually grow in stature (snort)!
Laura More than 1 year ago
Van Savant, I second that motion. I never forgot the encouragement I got a year ago from the Formblog (That long? It doesn’t seem so!) to pursue my dream of being a pedigree analyst. I took the advice to go for it and I’ve never been happier. I’m going to print out that Bumper Sticker Slogan for the tough times. Alan, you are well-written and an astute handicapper. I don’t know many people who have qualified for the Nationals, and here you are, two years running. We can only benefit from your knowledge. Write that book!
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Annie.... he-he-he ...when I was in a classrooom, they didn't even have those 'things back then! Well, maybe the gum... SR Vegas
Dale More than 1 year ago
Yeah, I've worked a mutual window for several years at CD on Oaks and Derby day and I always ask anyone who bets a 'triple' if they are from New York and I always get a positive response to the question. Alan, I'm a little superstitious and do NOT like someone to wish me LU** on a wager, so I will just say: "Have fun and kick butt in Vegas!!!" Dale
cayman01 More than 1 year ago
Alan, I'll take some of them there Feisty Suances in the contest. Love when i can talk to my dead relatives........... All, I REALLY like MUNY to wire them in the San Fernando. Distance should be just right and nobody in this bunch will head him out of the gate. I played and "Alan Minnow Special" today in the p-6 carryover. Actually an action play that I did no real handicapping, just used watch horses and j/t combos. My $16 ticket netted me one winner and FIVE seconds. I gotta start playing that damn Place Pick All.
jose More than 1 year ago
Hi Alan, My pick for the contest at San Rafael is Fiddlers Afleet Good luck to all
Mickey Hoops More than 1 year ago
Alan, I would like to enter the contest & my pick for today is Ryehill Dreamer. Mickey Hoops
Buffalo Joe More than 1 year ago
Slew- I think JVB has trouble securing the services of many top jockeys these days, but to suggest he should not go to the track in morning and throw the tack on a few, is like telling him to lay down in a hole and have them throw dirt over him. Thre are guys who will win classic race in the future who will never have 1/10 the knowledge of training he has, and it was pasted down from father to son. Guys like him and his father Marion Van Berg are part the rich history of horse racing in the US. His story is similar to a great past Canadian trainer who I followed when I was just starting out with horse racing his name was Yonnie Starr, he trained the great race mare La Prevoyante, and many othe stakes winners from the 50' thur the 80's, In 1990 on the back stretch at Woodbine it was so sad to see he was olny allotted 2 stalls, and was training 2 cheap claimers. But those who really knew him, knew he was as happy being aroud those two horses as he was with all the stakes winners he had. I suspect JVB is much the same. There must be something to it getting out there at 4:30AM with the morning dew and the feel and smell of horses that adds longevity to a soul. Someone once said "the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man" truer words were never spoken, I've seen it first hand.
johnnyz More than 1 year ago
Alan, I also like your pick of Ryehill Dreamer. 1st time lasix and the quality he ran against in the UK is pretty strong. His 12/1ML is no doubt an overlay, the problem is I expect him to go off at 6/1 or less. For me his 4 months off, hasn't ran the distance, (which should be no problem for him), and he has not worked on the pro ride is just to many unanswered questions for me. I feel if Square Eddie runs back to his two yr. old form he is the winner. His gutsy performance in the BC Juv. while not winning was pretty special for a 2 yr old. I just can't pick an 8/5ML fav in a contest. My contest pick is #7 Charlie's Moment. I like his pedigree for the mile distance. He has kept very good company since his maiden win and been right there in all of them. Two back he lost by a nose to a very talented Backbackbackgone, in his last Chocolate Candy (who am I am really high on) beat him by 2L running 6F in a very good time of 1:08.4. Charlie's moment is also cutting back in distance from his last. While that can be significant, his last at the stretch call was just a head from the lead. This is one of the best angles ROI wise for me every year. I just love to find a quality horse that had the lead in a mile race at last call that did not win and, his next race is cutting back to 7F. One other thought on the Rafael, #2 Fiddlers Afleet while only winning one of seven races, has hit the board in all seven. He also shows two pretty decent works over the SA track. His last race finishing 2nd to a very good that day (Haynesfield) was to say the least a poor trip. He is 6/1ML, IMO I see him going off at 10/1, or higher. Which if that happens will be a pretty healthy ATB bet for me. While really behind in reading everyone's post the last week or so, my sincere condolences to all the connections and fans of Go Between and Indyanne. Both were horse's that I admired and rooted for. And by all means there is no way Greg Gilchrist should have to suffer through anymore tough times with what he experienced with Lost In The Fog!
SR Vegas More than 1 year ago
Calvin Hi Buddy, I'll agree that Justin Dew's Blog site is a good one. He has a witty insight to his writing & prose, and can actually laugh at himself. His predictions may not be on, but really whose are? Therefore, I have always enjoyed his thoughts & stories, and anguished with the picks that did not live up. Thanks for the link to Yoda the Wonderpug,(although I think WE ALL have our own Taco Bell stories..HA!)But Chalky is waaaay Cute & intelligent, (who wouldn't take that 1-5 favorite!) & we all know she has the tempermant to be a racing Diva...he-he-he! Alan, Please make sure she comes to LV, so I can make her a true DIVA! SR Vegas