11/18/2007 1:41PM

Accelerated Sunday


The skies haven't opened yet but a deluge is still in all the forecasts, so Aqueduct is accelerating Sunday's post times by about three minutes a race. That means that the pick-six with a $112k double carry starts at 1:44 p.m., eight minutes earlier than the original scheduled post time of 1:52 for the 4th race. The featured Gaily Gaily Stakes has been moved up from 3:44 p.m. to 3:20 p.m.

The first two and last two legs seem pretty straightforward and manageable (famous last words) but the two in the middle of the sequence are skullbusters. Leg 3 (race 6) is a statebred juvenile filly dash with seven firsters as well as three who have already run close to par. Happy guessing. Then Leg 4 (race 7) is a 10-horse $25k claimer where seven of them ran a Beyer in the 81-to-84 range last time out.

Don't forget to note the late scratches: In races 5 and 7, key contenders drew in off the also-eligibles.

As for yesterday's action, $13.40 was a nice surprise on McCann's Mojave in the All American, the Cardinal was as chalky as it looked on paper, and I wish I'd been smart enough to hook up Hunting with Utopia for a seriously overlaid $89 exacta in the Stuyvesant, where I still think Utopia was best. Utopia was in a full drive most of the race chasing the loose Barcola, doing the dirty work and leaving him vulnerable to Hunting's one late run. I have no quarrel with Luzzi's ride or strategy with Utopia: On paper, it looked like keeping Barcola from getting away was more important than saving something to fend off a charge from the clouds. But take nothing away from Hunting, who was lightly-raced, improving and may have yet more upside.

Time to make the tickets.

[Update 1:50 p.m. Put in $1252, as follows:

2-7/2-4/1-2-6-9-10/12-14/5-6-8/3-5-9-10 ($960)
1-3/2/1-2-6/14/5-6/3-10 ($48)
2/7/1-2-6/14/5-6/3-10 ($24)
2/2/4-7-11/14/5-6/3-10 ($24)
2/2/1-2-6/1-3-5-9/5-6/3-10 ($96)
2/4/6/3-9/5-6/3-10 ($16)
2/2/9-10/3-9/5-6/3-10 ($32)
2/2/6/3-9/5-6/5-9 ($16)

Jim More than 1 year ago
Hello Steve Can you give me the name of the software you purchased with the puzzels and Brain teasers? thanks
Unitas More than 1 year ago
Touche, Allen Klayman! I have asked a lot of people, some who are affiliated with DRF, why this very relevant, "ultimate", if you will, equipment change has not been listed as an equipment change, and no one can give me an answer. I would love for it to be associated somewhere in the PP's when a horse has been gelded. Some handicappers do not pay this change any mind, and I believe it is relevant only for the initial start after the gelding of the horse has taken place. Great idea, Allen!
mike More than 1 year ago
steve, curious why you were so light with Bailero, short rest comeback by Dutrow, a rather deadly move
Elsie_From_Chelsea More than 1 year ago
Steve, I have a question unrelated to this post. Jay Hovdey's article regarding Colonel John and Eoin Harty reveals that Harty instructed the jockey: "Whatever you do, give him a chance to learn something." This presumably meant Nakatani was to intentionally race in traffic and/or behind horses even if it decreased his chances of winning. Luckily for those of us who singled Colonel John in the Pick-4 and Pick-6, he ended up with a fairly good trip when a lane opened up at the top of the stretch, and he won easily. I suspect we never would have heard about these instructions had a bad trip resulted in a defeat. Did Harty and/or Nakatani act unethically or contrary to California rules? At a minimum, should not Harty have been required to announce his plan PRIOR to the race (as he would be required to do if he wished to experiment with Lasix, blinkers, etc.)?
Kevin Perau More than 1 year ago
Man, this pick six was painful. I have been playing the pick sixes for awhile now (carryovers only) and I just read your book on exotics last week. Last year I hit three pick sixes (5k, 12k and 61k). This year I've been ice cold (I blame the synth). But, I admittedly used to punch "caveman" tickets. I tried tooling around with the "A-B-C" approach and loved the extra coverage on horses that I had to either use or discard on my prior primitive methods. So, as for Sunday's double carryover... I got the card started with two "A" winners (chalks) then we got blindsided by the #9 in the third leg which was an "X" for me but, seeing the post parade on TVG I put a backup pick-4 using her with three "A"'s. We score two more "A's" and now sitting on the ninth as follows... (1-2-3-5) 5 of 6 one time (9-10) 5 of 6 twice, plus P4. So when the #2 wins going away as one of my "C" choices, we hit 5 of 6 on our AAAAAC ticket, netting $192. and to see the "makeable" P6 pay $91k!!!! blew me away. I just have to say I LOVE this "new" (to me) method of playing horizontal exotics. Thank You, Kevin
Clinton More than 1 year ago
Philip, I guess it's a matter of perspective and what your exposed to. I live in NY and among my circle of friends, NYRA is constantly being ridiculed as not catering to the horseplayers needs. I've only seen Woodbine from afar and was under the impression that it was a well run facility. Hopefully for your sake the managment will take heed an address that situation.
Reyen More than 1 year ago
What's up with the sketch of a particle beam accelerator? Not many of us nuclear scientists on DRFcom. Appreciate the thought.
hz hackenbush More than 1 year ago
You don't see much handicapping on The Derby List these days, but Terry Bjork took a moment to post Hunting AND the exacta with Utopia. Nice call.
Allen Klayman More than 1 year ago
I am curious if DRF has any plans or even a way to notate first time geldings in the PP's? I was alive to 2 horses in the last race of the pick 6 today at Aqueduct, and after the 2 horse (Fahrneheit Wild)walked out of the starting gate and then blew by the whole field to win easily, I tooka look at the gap since his last race and wondered if the horse had been gelded since that start. I went home to look at the chart of his last race on Belmont Stakes day and indeed he was a colt when he ran that day. All the race tracks do a poor job of getting this information to the public and it can be a significant handicapping angle. I dont know if it would have changed my opinion of Fahrenheit Wild, but it would have been nice to know it before the race.
sonnyspa More than 1 year ago
the 2 ran a much improved race in the 9th today.what caused the turnaround.