09/06/2007 3:32AM

$81.60 Worth of Action


Okay, I broke down: I DID get into the $5 milion closing-day pick-six pool at Del Mar, though for a mere $81.60: I bought a 20 percent interest in a friend's $408 investment, and I have to say I got my money's worth.

Or maybe it just seemed that way because I got my $81.60 worth of action in one exciting 12-minute window instead of living through three hours of racing with an uhnhappy ending. I had plans for the evening that did not include being next to a TVG tv. So instead of following along race by race, I came home and watched the online replays of the six races in rapid succession.

My friend's ticket was a classic A-B-C play with either one or two B's, or one C, allowed to win. In the first leg, he used just one A and two B's, but one of the B's was Westerly Magic($28.20). Nice start. Leg 2 broke badly in that the $5.80 winner was only one of five B's in his deepest spread race, but with a B-B start we at least were alive, with all A's, 3x2x1x1. We got through the 3 at $7.60, and the 2 at $4.20, so now it was one cold late double for all the marbles.

If I had put four hours of handicapping and two hours of rooting into the thing by now, I might have been discouraged. But having invested all of about eight minutes, it was all pretty exhilirating. If Drill Down at 2-1 and Patch of Blue at 3-1 had won, we'd have probably gotten around a $20k payoff, roughly 50-1 on the $408 investment (and $4k for me, on my $81.60) on a legitimate 12-1 late double. Okay, so they both lost, but it was a good bet. And I lived and died it in about 12 minutes.

The closing-day pool was $5.063 million on top of the $992k carryover. Everyone tries to get out on closing day. Those who picked six got $55,964, with 5-of-6 consos paying $385.20.

AndyScoggin More than 1 year ago
Hey SIDETRACK, Get an online account!!!!! There are many ways to do that, both of the US-based and non-US based types!
Christine R. More than 1 year ago
Didnt play the Pick6 at Del Mar- had a few others smaller combo plays that actually worked out nicely...sometimes for me...they actually work out better. I find I dont always have to shoot for the moon - not quite yet...leaving that for the real pro's. Now there Steve...I was ALREADY TOTALLY craving pie after being a good girl for weeks and now I simply must go pig out - for I find the pickings are slim as far as races to play this weekend - and it seems that a little reward is due after a hard summers work indeed :-> Likely gonna watch Belmont j-u-s-t a bit before too much play there as well...Christine.
Bearcatbob More than 1 year ago
Steve, How often do you play the Pick 6 with other people? Does the size of the pool or difficulty of races ever cause you to play the Pick 6 with other people? Thanks for keeping the Crist Journal going on after the Saratoga meet.
Bob L More than 1 year ago
I played a $72 pk 6-spent 6-8 hours handicapping, then watched the live feed. Coincidentally, I too had the first four winners, and seconds in the last two races. I am still kicking myself for not having the winner in the 9th-Georgie Boy. Reason-he had a bullet work, took blinkers off, and put Gomez on. Should have included him, but I would not have had the winner in the 10th-just didn't like him. Wish we could bet into pools like that more regularly. Ought to be a way to do that somehow. Take care.
Sidetrack More than 1 year ago
I recently moved and am now 60 mi's from the closest simulcasting venue with a demanding job. I still compile pick 6's & try to get friends to bet them. Yesterday, I had a $384 ticket that I tried to get a friend to bet - he wouldn't leave home. I had a single with 2 with 2 in the last 3 legs & would've hit the pick 6 w/9 consolations. Bad job decision.