09/17/2013 8:31PM

2013 Saratoga Smiles - a look back at happy people


During the recently concluded Saratoga meet, I posted photos of smiling racetrackers on my Facebook page nearly every night.  Many were exercise riders, by sheer virtue of my spending so much time along the rail in the mornings. But morning, afternoon, or evening, if you'd smile, I'd post your pic.  I've never seen a track where more people smile than at 'the Spa'!

Just for fun, in several installments, I'll post some of the photos here.  I generally haven't IDed them, other than some horses.  In many cases, I don't even know the people's names.  But it doesn't keep me from appreciating the fact that their happy faces helped brighten our racing days.  I hope these 50 photos make you smile, too.


Pony boy Sergio Salazar says to sit back, have some cool lemonade, and enjoy these 2013 Saratoga smiles...

Above:  Flat Out

Above:  King Kreesa

Above:  Jake's Magic Hat

Above: Palace Malice

Above:  The champion Royal Delta flashes her winning Saratoga smile.  :-)  :-)  :-)