04/28/2010 6:39PM

2010 Oaks/Derby Timetables


Here are the race lineups, scheduled post times, and pick-4 and pick-6 menus for the Oaks and Derby Day cards at Churchill Downs Friday and Saturday:

--Post time is 10:30 a.m. both days.

--The six graded stakes each day have been scheduled to comprise all-stakes pick-6's ending in the Oaks Friday and the Derby Saturday.

--There are three pick-4's on the 12-race card Friday (2-5, 4-7, 8-11) and four on the 13-race card Saturday (2-5, 4-7, 8-11 and 10-13.)

--There are four grass races scheduled each day.

--The Oaks card has eight races for fillies and four for males, though in one of those -- the G3 Kentucky Juvenile -- the three favorites are fillies running against males. The Derby card has nine races for males, four for fillies and mares.

--The Oaks card has last year's Oaks favorite and winner (and Horse of the Year) Rachel Alexandra in the La Troienne, and last year's losing Derby favorite (Friesan Fire) in the Alysheba, where the entrants also include G1 winners Macho Again and Bullsbay. The Derby undercard includes G1 winners Hot Dixie Chick in the Eight Belles, Diamondrella and Hooh Why in the Distaff Mile, Informed Decision in the Humana Distaff, Warrior's Reward in the Churchill Downs, and Court Vision and General Quarters in the Turf Classic.

Get to work.

John M Lyons More than 1 year ago
Steve Thanks for all the betting info What have you heard about Eskendereya's future if anything???? [He has been retired and will stand at stud next year for a syndicate headed by Jess Jackson and Zayat. -SC]
JPC More than 1 year ago
Steve - enjoying your columns, as always. Will you be posting your P6 selections today and tomorrow? [Yes. -SC]
edmond saskel More than 1 year ago
The Kentucky Derby is the most charming sporting event in the world. The dresses, the hats, the horses coming onto the track at end of day to a swelling chorus of 'My Old Kentucky Home' make it so. "The sun shines bright in My Old Kentucky home, 'Tis summer and people are gay;" Forget charming, the most revered moment in all of sport is when the crowd pays honor to all that is beloved about the traditions of Kentucky, and Horse Racing, and America, while keenly anticipating the immediate future. "Weep no more my lady, Oh! weep no more today!" But the thing about 'My Old Kentucky Home' is that it really is an 'at end of day' song. Oh, you can sing it at 9:00 p.m.; maybe, looking for a younger demographic synthesize a dance version, or scat it up a bit. Hey, ball parks could ask the audience sing the National Anthem after the game is over if they so desired. But it wouldn't be the same thing. My Old Kentucky Home at 9:00 p.m. wouldn't be the same thing. Not without the voices rising while the sun is falling. And so the Kentucky Derby at night wouldn’t' be the same thing. This doesn't mean Churchill couldn't increase their revenues by running the Derby at night. It just means they would have to surrender their claim as hosting the most charming, most revered sporting event in the world. Then too, one wonders how the Louisville Chamber of Commerce would feel about such a schedule. It seems to me that Friday and Saturday evenings of Derby week must be Manna from Heaven for the Restaurant and Entertainment Industries. What sort of impact would a night Derby have on their revenues, with all the tourists being at the track during dinner time? But hey, New Coke was a great success. Why not a New Kentucky Derby?
Walt P. More than 1 year ago
Steve: JetFan24 did have that lone live ticket and that was tough to lose (I'm alive in the Oaks-Derby double, but it would have been for a lot more with her than with Blind Luck).
turf2dirt More than 1 year ago
Sidney's Candy has a quarter crack patch on the inside of his right front hoof, and during his gallop today at Churchill he remained on his left lead throughout the stretch refusing to switch to his right lead(the one he is supposed to be on during straightaways) Looks like the quarter crack is bothering him, proceed with caution. FYI I was the large white gentleman watching Sidney's Candy get a bath after his 6f breeze at Churchill last Saturday that pointed out the quarter crack to the media. That same morning Mike Welsch throw a sentence about the patch in his morning report. John Sadler did a pretty good job of hiding it until I showed up =)
The_Knight_Sky More than 1 year ago
Walt_P wrote: The Derby day-into-night program would be 15 races with the normal Saturday 12:45 PM ET start. The Derby would have a 9:25 PM ET post as the 12th of 15 races as part of NBC's broadcast that would be in prime time from 7:00-10:00 PM ET/4:00-7:00 PM PT. The 13th Race would likely go off at 10:20 PM ET, the 14th Race would likely go off around 10:55 PM ET and the 15th and final race would likely go off around 11:30 PM ET, making for a marathon day at Churchill. ________________ At what point do marathon cards become "drudgery" ? A lot of these folks just do not have the stamina to last 3 hours on a typical race card, much less subject them to 12 hours in claustrophobic conditions. Imagine the security concerns of a drunken crowd at night after a long day of alcohol. The National Guard would have to be put on alert. I am all for the less is more philosophy. MORE in this case is really less. IMHO Churchill is losing significant handle from 2 out of 5 fans by starting extremely early in the day. Should that night-time Derby card become a reality, the first post cannot possibly be held in during mid-morning. And Walt. I'm 100% in favor of a primetime Derby - no later than a 9pm ET post time. If it is to work, "Derby Night" should be a pleasant experience for far more than just 60% of the participants.
Don Reed More than 1 year ago
For those of you who are still steamed about 2002 & the unanticipated $1200 Baffert-Lukas exacta, their exact box numbers this year are #1, #12, and #17. Good luck! Go Jackson Bend, Icebox, and Paddy O’Prado! And off we go to Saratoga Springs for Derby Day, with a nightover on the way, in Stockbridge MA. If any of you are there on Derby Day, see you at The Ritz - that Charming Cinderblock Casino - which might be the only game in town after OTB NYC runs through the remainder of their nest egg (money that, about three weeks ago, they said they didn’t have. Today: “Oh, THAT money…”). Last year, we pedal-metaled posthaste up I-87 in time to see Zenyatta run. She was scratched. We’re doing the same this year, heading west on Friday morning, for Rachel. Will Loser Lightning strike twice? It sure did with Mullins (he sure has mastered the art of getting in trouble during Derby Week).
JT More than 1 year ago
Trackman: Easier and cheaper Pick 4, start with 6th: Rachel # 4, Wetzel # 3 and 12Pack Shelly # 9 Heavely Chorus # 4 and Friesan Fire # 2 and Arson Squad # 7...toss Calvin in on that # 5 longshot and you have a $24 ticket for a buck. U can thank me tomorrow night.
Sean More than 1 year ago
I don't think the Derby would keep its audience if it went to primetime...people have stuff to do on a Saturday night in May. Maybe a 7 or 730 post time would be okay but later than that and it doesn't work. The early evening post-time is PERFECT because people can watch the Derby and then go out if they have stuff to do. However, I think the Oaks in primetime would be cool since a lot of people miss that card due to work. It might be something that ESPN would like to televise, instead of it being stuck on Bravo.
brainhurts More than 1 year ago
Ah, what pools these mortals bet. So, after the early pick three at Churchill on Wednesday paid, $2,173.80, does the ensuing early pick four yielding $2,239.40 seem light? I would opt for 'naturally light.' More an interesting study of the economic psychology of pools rather than evidence of slick treachery.