12/31/2016 2:50PM

2016 in Memoriam

Pips Gebhardt 9 months ago
A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.
Garrett Gomez Tribute 9 months ago
Garrett Gomez is now the jockey in Heaven for all of these horses. And I'm sure that he's guiding all of them to the "Winner's Circle". RIP to all of these horses and to "Go Go". You are traveling at God Speed now.  

This comment is from the Garrett Gomez Tribute facebook profile. 

Michelle Pitts 9 months ago
Oh my goodness, the Turkoman bit at the end got me.  What a gorgeous tribute.  We really lost lots of the greats this past year.
Margie Young 9 months ago
Thank you Barbara for the memorial to these magnificent horses. It is gutting that so many of them were so young, some still babies.My friend was able to meet Gulch, the sire of one of her OTTBS, before he died. It was a sweet day for her.
Gail Rogers 9 months ago
Beautiful and so moving.  Thank you to DRF and the incredible Barbara Livingston for honouring these wonderful horses and marking their passing from this world.
Laurie McDowell 9 months ago
You know your horse made it when he or she gets photographed by the legendary Barbara Livingston. I know their people will cherish these photos forever. Godspeed to all of them. 
bloodstock2015 9 months ago
Thank you Barbara Livingston! your a treasure to the world! Each one holds a special place in someones heart! One of the great Kentucky Stallion Handlers - STEVE CLARK @darley with QUIET AMERICAN-  these all hold special to me EXCHANGE RATE- CARA RAFAELA 
Robert Tedesco 10 months ago
A truly beautiful photographic tribute to the horses we have lost in 2016...along with a beautifully written song,to appropriately coordinate with the melancholy theme.
Carol Schmelz 10 months ago
As usual, there were several that we lost in 2016 that I was associated with in some way thru the years. Wonderful tribute. 

Joseph Rosebrock 10 months ago
Thanks, Barbara. Your tribute was a little more poignant than I expected. On the day that Smoke Glacken's death was published in the Blood-Horse, my brother and Smoke's breeder Perry Rosebrock was hospitalized with lung cancer. Perry succumbed to the cancer on 5 June, but his memory lives on through Smoke's babies. RIP Perry, Smoke.